Happy Weekend

happy weekend


well, i’m officially a no good, very bad blogger. i have these dreams of being the type of person who sits down at her computer each day (or, let’s be real, each night) and writes something, anything, just to get some words on the page. but instead, i go on living my life, not tending to my little corner of the internet, except for when i publish these silly end of the week roundups that no one really cares about anyway. i don’t know why, exactly, i can’t seem to get it together. part of it might be that i sit at a computer all day long and when i come home the last thing i want to do is touch my laptop. literally, i don’t think i’ve opened my personal laptop in a month. sorry, laptop, love you miss you xoxo.

i have all these ideas, and all these moments i want to write about, and then i just plain don’t get around to it. ask pretty much any accomplished writer for advice on writing, and they’ll tell you the first thing to do is to sit your ass down in your chair and just WRITE SOMETHING. which is what i need to do. sit my ass down – at lunch, at work, at home, in front of my TV, at starbucks, anywhere really – and WRITE SOMETHING.

so, here i go again, trying to be a good blogger for the one or two people who actually read this thing, but also for myself, because i know i’m a better writer when i write all the time.

ANYWAY, now that i’ve gotten that off my chest, here are the interesting things i read and loved this week.

three little dots, a whole lot of anxiety. how the iphone’s “typing awareness indicator” is killing us slowly (i’m exaggerating, sort of).

this guy dropped one letter from his resume and the offers came flying in. whitewashing, folks.

this list of 25 things all basic white girls do during the fall hit waaay close to home. guess i’m basic, guys. i may not drink PSLs but i looove me some autumn.

that’s it. i’m booking a trip to turkey. no but really – how amazing does this place look? perfect for a honeymoon (or for SAF ladies like myself, a girl’s trip).

i think you’re fat. i clicked on this because i am fat, but i stayed because it’s a great read about radical honesty.

i just finished kevin kwan’s crazy rich asians, and it was a total mindfuck. has anyone read it? thoughts?!


happyweekendso, as is the theme in pretty much every blog post/facebook post/tweet i’ve read today, labor day weekend is here and HOLY SHIT HOW IS LABOR DAY WEEKEND HERE?! i am usually not really a fan of summer, but even i am slightly sad that the scorching season is done. this summer flew by; it seems like just a week or so ago i was pulling my maxi dresses to the front of the closet and scoping out shoe stores for a few new pairs of sandals. time flies when you’ve got summer fridays, i guess. i’ve got one last beach day scheduled for tomorrow, and then it’s back to the grind. no more early fridays, back to 6pm soul with my girl krista, and back to weekends that aren’t peppered with sand and hot sunshine. to be honest, i’m a bit excited for fall. and by that i mean, it’s my absolute favorite season of all, and i can’t wait to pull out my cozy sweaters and big scarves and just be one big ball o’ COZINESS. with apple cider, of course.

there’s something about september that encourages you to push the reset button, and i intend to use this next month to do just that: get back into my routine, but in a way that feels natural and relaxed, not frantic and full of fear. this summer was wonderful, but i feel like i spent it running around, trying to squeeze everything in, worried i’d miss out on something. what that something was, i don’t really know. but i’ve got very few plans this weekend, and i’m quite happy about that. i’ve been away more days than i’ve been home in august, and i’m excited to do super-boring things like wash my couch covers, get my nails done, go to soul cycle, cuddle with penny, and whip up some new recipes. #grandmastatus

i hope that whatever you’re doing this weekend – however you’re ending summer and pushing reset – you have a wonderful time.

now, for the things i loved this week: 

the one word that comes up in women’s performance reviews (but not men’s). a good (albeit slightly depressing) read.

a dream home in sag harbor. this “cottage” is so pretty – i’d move in immediately.

speaking of moving in, i want my imaginary boyfriend to take me on a romantic weekend to the cape, and i want to stay here. 

my new favorite read. so much pretty here!

i was obsessed with taylor’s apartment when it was originally featured on design*sponge a few months back, and i’m even more obsessed with the before and after shots. proof that you can take a shithole and turn it into something beautiful so long as you’ve got good bones. side note: the idea of painting my kitchen cabinets and putting up backsplash makes me nervous – but maybe that’s just because i’ve always had “big bad corporate” landlords and not small town crown heights ones.

i just finished this book, and L-O-V-E-D it. i haven’t read a book that’s stuck with me like this one did in quite some time (the last book i loved this much was cheryl strayed’s “tiny beautiful things“)


how is it possible that this week felt long when it was in actuality quite short? last week, i worked just one full day, and a “half day” from montauk (which doesn’t really count, right?), and this week, i worked just monday-thursday. and yet, by 3pm on thursday afternoon, i was ready to call it quits. things have been a bit slower at work as of late, and that always makes me feel sleepy and all together unaccomplished. after a week away from my usual workout routine, it was really nice to get back into the groove. in just 4 days, i managed to squeeze in 4 bar method classes and 2 soul classes, which makes me feel like much less of a lump – a lump who’s eaten a shit ton of ice cream cones lately, i might add. next week i’ll have another 4 day week that’ll likely be just as slow, given that it’s pre-labor day, and after that, it’s back to the daily grind of 5 day work weeks with no summer fridays in sight for a very long time. but at least it’s almost fall, and i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t super excited to get back into my cozy sweaters and leggings uniform. i’m a bit sick of my maxi dresses, and there’s really nothing more comfy than a giant scarf. here’s to autumn and apple picking just around the corner!

anywho, now that i’ve given you that boring update, below are a few things i liked this week.

keeping starbucks stores unique. on how a coffee chain that might seem like a sea of sameness works hard to differentiate its retail stores.

a hilarious critique of people who live in brooklyn. my brooklyn friends, i love you, but you really do talk like this, at least, a lot of the time.

hitting the rest button in your brain. hint: going on vacation but still checking your instagram feed every ten seconds does not count.

my photo went viral. this piece broke my heart and put it back together all at once. here’s to us defending one another and building each other up instead of breaking one another down.

the business of taylor swift. on her carefully calculated image, and the fact that she changes her hair every two years. plus, is her new video racist?

actor jesse williams talks about the michael brown case.

jessie randall of loeffler randall’s beauty routine (with a soulcycle shoutout!).

and, just for good measure, some good advice from jenna lyons on getting old (hint, eat ice cream).

PS: i’m currently reading this book and i can’t put it down.



ah, weekend! i am so, so happy friday is here – mostly because it means that i’m officially on vacation. AHHHHH. that’s my big ass sigh of relief. tomorrow morning, i head to rhode island to spend five days on the beach with my family. a whole lot of ice cream eating, tanning and book-reading (i downloaded THREE new books on my kindle!) is about to begin. then it’s back to new york, where i’ll be hitting up central park summerstage for a gavin degraw concert weds night (haters, hush, i can’t wait), a single full day at work, and out to montauk for more beach time. a good august, indeed.

what do you have planned for this lovely weekend? and ps: where did summer go?!

fuck you. pay me. a great read on freelancing, and gettin’ those benjamins like you deserve.

imagine if the subway was a spa. too good, too funny, and too freaking ON POINT. this stunt was conducted by an improv group, but it’s actually a genius idea for a skincare company looking to make a splash with their out of home advertising.

i cannot get enough of this song lately. sam hunt, you do it so good. those drums in the background, that sweet like molasses voice. if you want me to have your babies, i will.

sometimes i think about where i’ll live when i’m a real grownup. you know, because i don’t think i could raise my kids in the city – i want them to have a real yard and i want a garden and maybe even a garage (gasp!). and because i can’t imagine living in connecticut (eek, so conservative!) or westchester (eek, too moneyed), i tend to imagine myself in the hudson valley. and why not? there’s so much good there.

this story, of two women playing a soccer game to choose which last name they’ll use post marriage is amazing, hilarious and heartwarming.

i’m OBSESSED with this video of the lion king cast surprising a crowded A train with the circle of life. so good, and such an ILOVENY moment. i would seriously shit my pants if this happened to me. that, or cry tears of musical geek happiness.

and, in case you missed it:

a story about anxiety, and trying to sleep + homemade almond vanilla granola 

happyweekendoh my god, you guys, we made it! it’s FINALLY friday, and amazingly, it’s also august 1st. when did THAT happen? i’m not exactly summer’s biggest fan, but i have to admit, june and july were pretty darn good this year. new york has been mercifully spared the sort of humid, sweaty days we’re usually doled out during the summer months, and instead, we’ve gotten lots of sunshine, plenty of low humidity, and some seriously incredible beach days. i’ve got a really wonderful august coming up, so i can’t really complain that we’re more than halfway through the sunshine season. next weekend, i head to the beautiful beaches of rhode island for a family vacation, and i’ll be gone through wednesday. a nice little break, with lots of ice cream eating and suntanning to be done. then i’m back at work for two days before heading out to montauk for the first time. back to work for another week, and then off to the dirty jerz, where friends and i have rented a gorgeous victorian for a long weekend of debauchery and relaxation in good ol’ asbury park.

and then, just like that, it’ll be labor day, and boom, summer’s basically over. time flies when you’re tan and happy!

on a less jubilant note, i’ve been dealing with some annoying things on the job front (freelance, not day job), and i’ve been trying my very best not to let that ish get me down, and to be the better person, but mostly, i’ve been feeling like this. i’m attempting to remember that money is just money, a job is just a job, and i don’t need either as much as i need respect.

so, now, back to the regularly scheduled programming. here’s some some stuff i liked on the interwebs this week:

on over-scheduling, and the invasion of busy.  louis ck said it best here.

this story of amazing customer service by warby parker made me smile. there are still good eggs out there, and good companies, too.

into the woods is going to be SO.FREAKING.GOOD. christmas day can’t come soon enough.

and, speaking of movies, how excited are we for gone girl?! one of my favorite reads over the past few years. (speaking of reading, check out my summer reading reccos here). the movie poster leaves a bit to be desired, no?

i want to live in this montauk beach house.

misty copeland’s underarmour ad is amazing. seriously, her bod. i can’t even deal! and also, this spot, in general – spots like this are the reason i wanted to work in advertising in the first place.

an interesting read on pushing yourself to the limit – does exercise have to hurt to work? i vote no, personally. or at least, not hurt hurt.

ps: fun things to shop for this week, including perfume that smells like a day at the beach.

happyweekendguess what, you guys?! i’m baaack! i didn’t really mean to disappear for a month, but life got in the way. summer, and all. but i recently purchased a spiralizer, and have been making some reallly good food that deserves a place to shine. and i’ve got some fun trips coming up that deserve documentation. so, here i am, back in the habit.

this past week was one of the rougher ones, work-wise. i had a few moments where i was pretty sure i was going to throw my computer out the window and/or throw myself out the window. but now it’s friday, and i have summer fridays, otherwise known as the best invention ever, so this gal will be leaving the office around 2pm today. WOOHOO.

tomorrow, i’m headed out on the water for my friend nick’s annual birthday fishing trip, which requires that we get up at the crack of dawn and get our butts out to sheepshead bay, brooklyn. i’m not big on the actual fishing, per se (it makes me a bit sad, to be honest), but it’s always fun to be out on the water, and the weather is supposed to be absolutely perfect tomorrow.

i’m hoping to spend part of this weekend putting together some new posts for my (few but proud) readers, but in the meantime, here are some fun things i liked this week:

instagram vs. real life . so much truth in this little piece. and kind of also a lot of sadness, because social media has taken over our lives and it’s ever so slightly pathetic (i include myself here).

vogue asks blake lively 73 questions. you know, when blake lively’s new venture, preserve, launched this week, i read lots of hilarious articles about it. and i made fun of her in my head, and thought to myself, god, blake lively is sooo annoying and pretentious, i can’t believe i ever sort of liked her! and then i watched this video interview with vogue, and i was all, GOD, blake lively is AWESOME and actually quite cultured and hilarious, and interesting to boot. nice one, vogue.

a beachfront hotel in tulum. my bar method friends and i booked a trip to tulum in october, and i literally could not be more excited. it’s what’s getting me through my days, let’s be honest. we haven’t yet booked our hotel, so i’ve been spending lots of my free time at work looking at places to stay, and this one is high on my list.

i’ve been making a lot of this ice cream lately, and it is the best thing i’ve ever tasted.

i think the whole basic bitch meme (is it a meme?) is hilarious, so i got a HUGE kick out of lauren conrad calling allure magazine out on labeling her as a basic bitch.

i’m still obsessed with jessica golds’ pretty little liars recaps on vulture.

b0616bee75419d571d68aa5d0e3bdd91can we talk about the weather this week? it was the worst, no? thank god for keratin treatments – without it, i would have grown a second head of hair based on frizz alone in the rain these past few days. thankfully, the sun is FINALLY coming out, ever to slightly, or at least, trying to (valiant effort, sun), and i couldn’t be happier. two friends and i are headed down the jersey shore to a tiny little beach known as wildwood, just north of cape may, and i can’t wait to spend a weekend in the sunshine (the weather has promised to behave) reading YA books on my kindle and eating lots of ice cream.

in other news, there have been lots of things i’ve loved on the internetz lately.

i’m a huge fan of lennon and maisy, the sister duo from nashville. their latest, a cover of edward sharpe’s “that’s what’s up” is oh so good. on repeat.

traditional jewish dishes are experiencing a renaissance. chosen people, chosen food. i couldn’t be happier. knishes FTW! 

not all men. a must read from slate. this is from a few weeks back, but it’s still a worthy read for today.

i can’t wait to attend a pop up shabbat dinner. jewish people!! maybe even SINGLE JEWISH PEOPLE. and good food. i’m sorry, what could be better?

when did we all get so busy? oh god, i am 100% guilty of overbooking, and for bad reasons. note to self: CHILL THE EFF OUT.

taking vacation might make you better at your job. second note to self: plan that tulum trip.

making flights better, one smart solution at a time. ahh, if only flying was a more enjoyable experience.

tavi forever. tavi gevinson, whose blog i started reading when she was thirteen, is EIGHTEEN years old. 18! this piece on her is wonderful, and so well-written.

cheryl strayed’s tiny beautiful things is one of the best books i’ve read this year. nay, one of the best books i’ve read, ever. i loved this piece about it on the cut.

what do you have planned for this weekend?


wowee, it’s been a while since i’ve shared all roundup of my fave things on the internets. sad times, my friends, sad times. just kidding, i know no one really cares about the the list of things i enjoyed in the past week. but just in case one or two of you does, here they are. the things i watched/loved/laughed at/cried at this week.

this clip of jennifer lawrence telling seth myers about the time she puked at guy oseary’s oscar party is priceless. also, her hair is looking GOOD right now. if i didn’t have the roundest of round faces, i’d be all chop chop chop at the hair salon, asap.

this piece from the guardian about how everyone (and i mean everyone) is just winging it, all the time. even, you know, the president and his disciples, and the people you look up to.

this post from writer anne lamott made me feel all of the feelings. so many feelings in fact, that i wrote a piece about it.

i made this risotto this week in honor of asparagus officially being EVERYWHERE. man i love spring. and this recipe. martha, you are my GIRL.

i’m dying over the everygirl cofounder alaina kaczmarski’s lincoln park apartment. everything alaina touches turns to interior design gold, and this place is no different. some serious late-20-something life inspiration, that girl is.

it seems a bit silly to spend $7.99 on a kindle book that can, in its entirety, be found online – and  yet i’m so tempted to buy george saunders’ congratulations, by the way, which is a printed version of the commencement speech the author gave at syracuse last year. the topic? kindness. and how we need to employ it more.

i’m obsessed with the fig house, an emily henderson-designed event space in los angeles that is so stupidly beautiful and cool i can’t take it. seriously, take a look.

my roommate walked in on me watching the end of the latest nashville episode, pretty much sobbing to this scene. i’ve had this song on repeat ever since. i can’t get enough. i wish they’d record the duet version. i also wish sam palladio was my best friend/boyfriend/lover/husband/all of the above.

i’m home at my parents’ house for the weekend, eating ice cream from my favorite place and sleeping a lot and generally doing a whole lot of nothing. which is at once lame and glorious. here’s hoping you’re having a wonderful memorial day weekend, whatever you’re doing!

happyweekendwell, the weekend is over, and though i meant to publish this post on friday, here it is, sunday night, and i’m just going through my drafts and making it happen. alas, time simply got away from me. maybe it was the fact that both yesterday and today, the weather was positively glorious, and i simply couldn’t think of sitting at home. after what has felt like the longest winter ever, new yorkers were out in FULL FORCE today, soaking up the sunshine, dabbling in coatless outfits and sipping iced coffees like there was no tomorrow. i always forget how wonderful spring is here in new york, how the city literally comes alive again. the grass comes up greener than it did last time around, the daffodils seem to peek through the soil and wink at you on your way to work, the trees grow lush and full. and as nature reboots itself, so too do the denizens of the concrete jungle. i swear, it’s like seeing signs of spring reinvigorates our love for the city and all those who live within its borders. everyone who was out and about this weekend just seemed so darn HAPPY. there was a spring in their step. literally. oh, spring, i’m just so happy you’re here.

so, the weekend: mine was pretty low-key; highlights included a deliciously lazy brunch with some of my oldest girlfriends at edi and the wolf (bacon aioli. that’s all i’m going to say.), and a backstreet boys vs n*sync theme ride at soulcycle. i’ve got a busy few weeks coming up, so i’m trying my best to get my life in order and take it semi easy before things kick into high gear. i happily got my taxes out of the way last weekend, paid my dues (thanks, freelance gods), and now can start saving for my next adventure. i’ve got my eyes on tulum, as mentioned here, and i’m pretty sure i convinced my girlfriends to come with me over bloody marys yesterday. funny how some vodka and tomato juice can work magic like that.

speaking of vodka, i spent friday night drinking a few too many sweet tea vodkas at double wide, where i was celebrating my friend katie’s 28th birthday (god damn, we’re getting old!). katie is, like me, a HUGE fan of SVU, and her best friend amber had the genius idea to make her surprise party SVU-themed. there were life-size cardboard cutouts of liv and elliot in attendance, which was pretty much the best thing ever. or at least, it was until the bartender told us that the ACTUAL OLIVIA BENSON (okay, i know her name is mariska in real life, but you know what i mean) had been at double wide the weekend before. that’s right folks, detective benson likes to throw ’em back at double wide. if i wasn’t already a fan of the bar, lord knows i am now. if you enjoy yourself some sweet tea vodka, or are jonesing for a benson sighting, get your booty over to 12th and A. stat.

in other unrelated news, here are the things i loved this week:

a connecticut landmark purchased by mario buatta falls into disrepair. this was brought to my attention by one of my absolute favorite bloggers (and writers, actually), erin gates. this gorgeous connecticut home was purchased by revered interior decorator mario buatta, who started fixing it up only to let it fall into serious disrepair. now, according to the times, it may be torn down, and residents of the town are fighting to save it. gorgeous architecture like this is hard to come by these days – it makes me sad to think such a beautiful space could be replaced with yet another mcmansion.

james franco tried to pick up a 17 year old girl on instagram. you guys, this made me feel ALL OF THE FEELINGS. the first feeling was “ew, james franco is a dirty old man.” but that feeling was immediately replaced with, “i would so say yes if james franco hit on me on instagram.” it’s kind of disgusting how hard he goes after this girl, but i have to admit, it gave me hope that my one night celebrity stand might just come true if i show up to a performance of of mice and men. (just kidding) (sort of)

miley broke down at her boston concert while singing landslide. in college, i was a HUGE miley cyrus fan. my friend jess and i went through a phase where we (i can’t believe i’m admitting this on the internet) smoked a bowl each night after we finished our work and watched the 11pm showing of disney’s hannah montana, on which miley and her real life dad billy ray cracked ridiculous jokes and sang honky tonk country songs. mary jane or no mary jane, we could not get enough of miss miley. and when she released “see you again”… forget it. i have an insanely vivid memory of the night i first heard that song played in a bar, out in public. i lost my shit. that song, to this day, makes me so happy, as does hannah montana‘s “nobody’s perfect.” over the years, miley’s image has soured, and i can’t lie – i don’t love her new music as much as i loved the pure pop perfection of “party in the USA” – but i still consider myself a pretty diehard miley fan. weird haircuts and weird performances aside, the girl has a SERIOUS set of pipes, and when you strip away all the strange hollywood bullshit and just listen to her sing (take, for example, this cover she did of “jolene”), goosebumps ensue. not convinced? watch her singing “landslide” in boston last week. it’s incredible. if you don’t tear up a bit, you’re not human.

and with that, this human is going to start paying attention to the ACM awards (#teamtaylor), and get ready for bed. here’s to a good monday!


Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preseti had a moment of pure bliss this morning, walking from my usual coffee shop to my office. the temperatures have gone WAY up here in new york (it must have at least been in the high forties – side note, how depressing that the high forties are considered ‘way up’), so much that i wore a light army jacket that i haven’t worn since the fall. the air was crisp, the sun was peeking through the clouds, i was wearing my favorite sparkly sneakers, i’d gotten up and gone to a killer bar method class (god help my inner thighs), i had a chai in hand, i had a relaxing weekend ahead of me, it was friday…

and despite all the things weighing on my mind, i felt content, and happy, and LUCKY. lucky to be walking down west broadway with some pep in my step, lucky to be feeling the sunshine stealing little kisses here and there, lucky to living in one of the greatest cities in the world, lucky to have a job i like and friends i adore and a workout regime that makes me feel strong and powerful.

i often get caught up in my own head, get bogged down by the little voice telling me i’m not good enough, things aren’t good enough – so i have to really value the moments when i feel like i am enough, and my life is enough. and this morning, i had one of those moments, and it made me feel lucky to be alive.

this weekend, i’ll be tackling my taxes (BLECH), trying a core fusion class, going to dinner, catching up on my DVR, seeing divergent and cleaning out my closet (!!). after working straight through the weekend last week, i can’t wait to just have some early to bed alone time to sit with my thoughts, get some shit done, and hopefully, craft some fun new posts for the blog! (lemon parm pasta recipe, anyone?)

here’s hoping you have a wonderful weekend, and that you have your own little moment of bliss.

ps: in case you missed it yesterday, i tried oil pulling. in fact, i pulled again this morning, and i’m pretty sure it eliminated the slight hangover i definitely would have had had i not pulled. 

things that piqued my interest this week:

what l’wren scott’s suicide teaches us about new york’s ‘consume consume consume’ philosophy. an interesting, and honestly, quite depressing read. i know that i myself have become much more of a consumer since living in new york, and sometimes, i feel quite guilty about it. i’m sure i could be happy with less things, and have been pondering what i could get rid of (and what i’d like to keep simply because it makes me happy).

taming the voice in your head. i’m not usually one for self help books, but the voice in my head is usually screaming at full volume, and it would do me well to turn her down a bit. added to my amazon cart.

microsoft office for ipad! now that this is a real thing, i need to get my booty into gear and invest in a little portable keyboard for my ipad. any reccos? ideally, i’d like to travel solely with my ipad and not have to lug my computer along with me. though, at 4 years old now, i’ve been thinking it might be time to start saving for an upgrade to my beloved macbook pro.

on living lighter and letting go. this quote really resonated with me this week. i’ve been working on trying to shrug off the things i need not/don’t want to carry. easier said than done, of course, but i suppose practice makes perfect.

DIY rose body scrub. YUM, and so springy. i can’t wait to make this. i’ve DIYed a lot of body scrubs over the years, but i tend toward lemon or citrus-y scents. i’ve never dabbled in rose.

38 essential NYC restaurants. i’ve only been to 2 on this list. clearly, i’ve got some eating to do.