Holiday Gift Guide 2013_Covermy mantra for gift giving is simple: give people what they wouldn’t buy for themselves. this varies from person to person, of course, but for most of us, it’s those little luxuries. the things we see and say, “ooh, i’d really love that”, but then do not buy. like the uber expensive nail polish with perfectly oversized flecks of glitter. or that fancy schmancy lip balm. or those cashmere gloves that are oh so soft but not exactly oh so necessary. gifts should give people a little bit of light in their heart, a little bit of sparkle in their step. the best gifts, in my opinion, aren’t necessarily the ones that people will use day to day, but the ones that add a little bit of luxury to their everyday. get them the things they’d want, but would never, ever, buy for themselves.

nowhere is the mantra more applicable than when shopping for your besties. see, besties deserve the best, because they are the best. they’re the girls that you call when you’re crying so hard snot is dripping down your face and you can barely catch your breath. they’re the ones that show up with your favorite kinds of candy and a mary-kate and ashley movie when you’ve had a rough day. they’re the ones who know when to tell you it’ll all be okay, and when to tell it to you straight.

i don’t have a ton of close girlfriends, but i can count them on one hand, and i feel pretty damn lucky to have each and every one of them. here are a few of the things i’m thinking of getting them this holiday season.

Holiday Gift Guide 2013_Bits and Bobs for Besties


fresh sugar lip balm in berry | c. wonder leopard print minauderie | simpatico bubble bath | bop basics cashmere texting gloves | IT by alexa chung | lip print mug | bien fait phone case | pinch mini emergency kit | bobbi brown shimmer powder | the everygirl keep not settling phone case | fresh rose face mask | stretchy hair ties | deborah lippmann glitter polishes | nars cinematic lipstick | monogrammed miniature notebook | tortoise shell phone caseĀ 



Holiday Gift Guide 2013_Coveras a jew, stocking stuffers isn’t something i’ve ever gotten to enjoy, but i adore the concept, the idea of stuffing little stockings with tiny little bits of happiness, whether they come in the form of the best red nail polish, the best mint toothpaste, or the best resuable bag. shop the picks below, and i guarantee, you’ll have some happy campers at your house.

ps: even though i’ve got no stockings, i’d still love those happy heart socks. or that new york is my boyfriend clutch (preach. ain’t it the the truth).

Holiday 2013_Stocking Stuffers


Beauty Look: Plum Lips and Dewy Skin

i’ve really been feeling plum colored lips for fall. in my day to day, i wear very minimal makeup, but i’m all about a statement lip. in the summer, i go for hot pink and coral, but come fall and winter, it’s all about oxblood, plum, and of course, bright candy apple red. this look, with dewy skin (use nars the multiple in luxor on your cheekbones, right below your eyebrows, and down the tip of your nose to get the look) and sultry statement lips, feels just right for the chillier temps we’ve been experiencing lately.

shop the image above to get the look. trust me – that nars pencil might be a bit more expensive than a drugstore buy, but it’s worth every penny.

lip pencil | shimmer stick | mascara

i know i’m not alone in feeling more than ready for winter to get its chilly ass outta these parts and for spring to come on in and make itself at home. i love the cold, but i’m sick of my winter coat and my dry skin. i want sunshine and outdoor seating and light that lasts till 8pm and I WANT IT NOW. lest i get too overzealous with my aggravation over mother nature’s decision to totally ignore punxsatawney phil’s prediction on groundhog day, i’ve decided to channel my efforts toward ushering in the season the only way i know how: by pretending it’s spring already.
last week, this included brightly colored fingernails (essie’s mint candy apple), an abundance of fresh flowers (ranunculus and flowering branches, along with tulips for good measure), as well as some springy makeup. i’m FEELING the dewy look above (though let’s be honest, i’m always feeling dewy skin. who wants dry, matte skin? no one, i hope), and have been attempting to create it with my current highlighter of choice: nars the multiple in luxor. i’m a huge fan of highlighting creams, powders, sticks – you name it, i’ve tried it. i’m a big fan of benefit’s high beam, but i find that nars multiple sticks last longer. in winter, i go for luxor, and once i’ve got a hint of a tan, i switch it out for a slightly darker shade, copacabana. these babies are expensive, but soo worth it. so, mother nature, what do you think? can we strike a deal here?



it’s fashion week here in new york, and i’ve been doing my best to keep up with the jones’ via instagram. a trend i’m seeing (and loving)? red lips. really, really red ones. as in, don’t fuck with me because i’m just that fabulous lips.

i can dig it.

poppy delevigne at rag & bone

poppy delevigne at rag & bone