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sometimes, when i’m having a really rough time at work, i daydream about quitting my day job, and doing my own thing. you know, writing for this here blog (which currently has under 200 readers, let’s be real), writing copy for companies that actually matter, and baking up a storm in my spare time. and on those days, i dream of an office that looks pretty darn close to this one – 95 yesler, which belongs to a group of inspiring seattle creatives, including brian paquette and cassandra lavalle (who pens one of my favorite blogs, coco+kelley).


for starters, let’s talk about that insane coffered ceiling. the architectural detail in the space is positively stunning. i mean, hi, those windows are INSANE. the all white palate really lets the historical beauty of the building shine, and the abundance of natural light helps to hammer those details home.


how cute is their holiday tree? i think if i were to celebrate christmas, i’d get really into tree decorating. and christmas cookie baking, of course. ain’t nothing like the holiday spirit to get a girl in the groove. also, let’s talk about that chair peeking out of the side of the frame. you can see the set more clearly in the image below. they’re a vintage find scored in seattle, and i am positively in LOVE. they make the space. brass and velvet beauties, be still my heart.


how insane is the light in this photo? those windows are just incredible. i can’t imagine it would be possible to feel frustrated in a space this gorgeous.

95-Yesler-offices-_-6 95-Yesler-offices-_-4all the desks in the space are ikea (!!) and are mobile and convertible, giving the team the flexibility to push them to the side when they do photoshoots and styling projects. smart, right? i’m also liking that expedit shelf; placed vertically, it makes for a whole lot of storage, and also fits perfectly into that little nook.

gosh, i am in love. what i would give for an office like this (god bless corporate america). hey, at least i have open seating, right?



have you ever heard the acronym “GSD”? it stands for get shit done, and it’s a modern working woman’s mantra if i’ve ever heard one.  i love technology just as much as the next girl, but sometimes, it feels like we’re all just so damn plugged inmost of us have desk jobs, but our screen time doesn’t end there. we get home, and there’s facebook to check, blogs to read, instagram photos to like and comment on. social media is never-ending, like our to-do lists. i know i’m not alone in feeling overwhelmed from time to time, whether it’s at my day job, or at home on the weekdays, struggling to check items off my list. here’s the thing: work will always be work (even when it’s work that you love), so why not make your workspace pretty? i’m a big fan of streamlined acrylic tape dispensers and gold staplers (desktop glitter! what could be better?). and there’s nothing like a pop of pink, whether it’s in the form of an organizer or some thin highlighters. if you have to take notes, you might as well do so in a bright, cheery, lime green notebook. and if you have to organize documents, you might as well do so in a quirky strawberry folder. because let’s face it. when your shit is pretty, it’s easier to get shit done.

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have i told you all how obsessed i am with lauren conrad? the reality tv star turned bonafide lifestyle mogul has done what no reality star before her has been able to do: she’s become a well-respected woman with multiple businesses under her sleeve. first, there’s her series of YA novels (right up my alley, obviously), loosely based on her own experience on the hills. then, there’s website,, a veritable treasure trove of lifestyle content for the pinterest generation (i eat that shit up, i tell you!). but that’s not all she’s doing. there’s the beauty department, a how-to beauty site she started with makeup artist amy nadine and hairstylist kristin ess. she’s also got a clothing line for kohls, a new online shopping venture with friend hannah skvarla (the little market), and of course, her paper crown clothing line, which she designs herself. the girl does it all, and she does it with perfectly waved california blonde locks and cat eyes to kill for. 

lest you think LC came off as a ditz during her mtv days, i remind you: she’s a mogul. a ditz doesn’t have that many (successful!) businesses under her belt. paper crown does pretty well for a ready to wear line, and is carried in shops across the country.


so, where does all the magic go down? in a gorgeous exposed brick studio space that’s flooded in sunlight and features a floor to ceiling pinboard. hello, lover. lauren and the paper crown crew moved in a few years ago, and recently, conrad decided it was time for a makeover, they turned to interior goddess estee stanley, and the team at her new site, domaine. together, the domaine team crafted a space that was light, airy, comfortable and chic – just like conrad’s paper crown line. full of affordable pieces that you can easily purchase to recreate at home, this cheery studio is functional, inspirational, and feminine to boot. Image

the feature is worth a read, so be sure to check it out. my favorite tidbit? a sweet story about lauren’s former desk, a thrift store farmhouse table which she purchased for $100 and painted white back when paper crown began. preserving the desk in the name of sentimentality, the domaine team transformed it into a tall drafting table with a higher set of legs. “i love that they used the same table,” says lauren. “on the day we moved into the office, i was painting and i painted a big heart on the bottom of it. it’s still there, and i’m so excited because it represents the beginning of our business.”

sweet, right? speaking of sweet, check out some tips to help you get the look of paper crown’s pad in your own space. Image

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