sometimes, when i’m having a really rough time at work, i daydream about quitting my day job, and doing my own thing. you know, writing for this here blog (which currently has under 200 readers, let’s be real), writing copy for companies that actually matter, and baking up a storm in my spare time. and on those days, i dream of an office that looks pretty darn close to this one – 95 yesler, which belongs to a group of inspiring seattle creatives, including brian paquette and cassandra lavalle (who pens one of my favorite blogs, coco+kelley).


for starters, let’s talk about that insane coffered ceiling. the architectural detail in the space is positively stunning. i mean, hi, those windows are INSANE. the all white palate really lets the historical beauty of the building shine, and the abundance of natural light helps to hammer those details home.


how cute is their holiday tree? i think if i were to celebrate christmas, i’d get really into tree decorating. and christmas cookie baking, of course. ain’t nothing like the holiday spirit to get a girl in the groove. also, let’s talk about that chair peeking out of the side of the frame. you can see the set more clearly in the image below. they’re a vintage find scored in seattle, and i am positively in LOVE. they make the space. brass and velvet beauties, be still my heart.


how insane is the light in this photo? those windows are just incredible. i can’t imagine it would be possible to feel frustrated in a space this gorgeous.

95-Yesler-offices-_-6 95-Yesler-offices-_-4all the desks in the space are ikea (!!) and are mobile and convertible, giving the team the flexibility to push them to the side when they do photoshoots and styling projects. smart, right? i’m also liking that expedit shelf; placed vertically, it makes for a whole lot of storage, and also fits perfectly into that little nook.

gosh, i am in love. what i would give for an office like this (god bless corporate america). hey, at least i have open seating, right?


have you ever heard the acronym “GSD”? it stands for get shit done, and it’s a modern working woman’s mantra if i’ve ever heard one.  i love technology just as much as the next girl, but sometimes, it feels like we’re all just so damn plugged inmost of us have desk jobs, but our screen time doesn’t end there. we get home, and there’s facebook to check, blogs to read, instagram photos to like and comment on. social media is never-ending, like our to-do lists. i know i’m not alone in feeling overwhelmed from time to time, whether it’s at my day job, or at home on the weekdays, struggling to check items off my list. here’s the thing: work will always be work (even when it’s work that you love), so why not make your workspace pretty? i’m a big fan of streamlined acrylic tape dispensers and gold staplers (desktop glitter! what could be better?). and there’s nothing like a pop of pink, whether it’s in the form of an organizer or some thin highlighters. if you have to take notes, you might as well do so in a bright, cheery, lime green notebook. and if you have to organize documents, you might as well do so in a quirky strawberry folder. because let’s face it. when your shit is pretty, it’s easier to get shit done.

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i’m a big fan, and frequent shopper (when my pennies add up) of one kings lane, the online interior decor flash sale site. OKL appeared on the scene a few years ago, back when gilt was the main player, and no one was doing the decor thing on the ‘net. since then, they’ve pretty much exploded. their revenues are out of this world, their design eye is beyond, their blog and social properties are perfect curated…i’ve got a crush, for sure. of course, it doesn’t hurt that OKL is the brainchild of two smart, savvy women, susan feldman and alison pincus, who saw a hole in the market, and filled it with ease. OKL has offices in both san francisco and new york, and their manhattan office was featured in the most recent issue of matchbook. it’s gorgeous, isn’t it? i can’t imagine working in such a lovely space. i feel like i’d be inspired every time i blinked. have a look below, and click here to read more about how one kings lane came to be.






office amazing
a few months ago, for a fun photoshoot for the everygirl, i tricked out my desk with fun office supplies – one of the anthro mugs above, a few fun notebooks from rifle paper co., a bright neon planner from paper source, and some fun, funky le pens. i also invested in an acrylic business card holder, and acrylic tape dispenser (then splurged on hot pink scotch tape). the finishing touch was a bouquet of fresh flowers from the guys at superior florist (my new best friends, who’ve been supplying me with a custom arrangement of roses, lilies, peonies and more each week – god bless working in the flower district!). et voila, i had a pretty nice looking desk space, if i do say so myself. here are a few other pieces i’d splurge on if the budget (and counter space) would allow.