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wallpaper has experienced a serious renaissance in the design world over the past few years, and honestly, thank goodness, because there is a WHOLE lot of unfortunate (read: fugly) wallpaper in the world (70s and 80s homes, i’m looking at you), and that shit needs to be replaced.

in the past, wallpaper was reserved for 70s era kitchens, bad bathrooms, and even worse bedrooms with wall to wall carpet. but it seems those days are behind us, and we’re all moving in the right direction, towards wallpaper that is beautiful, intricately designed, and best of all, uber chic. who has two thumbs and loves uber chic wallpaper?


as a renter, wallpaper is in my dreams, not my reality, but that doesn’t mean i can’t do some imaginary shopping, or real shopping for the folks that DO own their homes. so, where does one look for cool wallpaper? there are a lot of options, but one of my favorite places to shop is hygge & west. you may recall that a few years ago, h&w did an awesome collab with joy cho of oh joy! it was this collaboration that put hygge & west on my radar (the collection is still on sale today, and trust me when i say, it is to DIE for. cho’s “petal pusher” print kills it. i’ve seen it used in dozens of rooms, and never has it looked too busy or out of place. GLAM to the max).

i didn’t think anyone could match cho’s designs. that is, until i heard that anna bond of rifle paper co. would be doing a line for the brand. i am a HUGE rifle paper fan, and, thanks to anna bond, have become a bit of a stationary snob over the years. bond, who is rifle paper’s creative director, hand sketches/paints* all of her whimsical, beautiful pieces, so it’s no surprise that her wallpaper line (which is screenprinted in chicago) is TO DIE FOR.

*if you’re not following her on instagram, you’re missing out.

i picked out a few of my favorites above, and, just for fun, i had a little think sesh about where i’d use each of them in my dream home. laundry room, powder room, kid’s room, library. check, check, check and check. miss bond, you’ve done it again.

shop the entire rifle paper co. for hygge & west collection here.



i’m a huge fan of note to self, a blog penned by sarah tolzmann. sarah has an incredible eye for design, typography, and all things pretty (as her day job, she works as a web design for ralph lauren. cool, right?), and has been sharing lovely bits and pieces on the interwebs since 2009. i’ve been a reader of note to self for basically as long as i’ve been reading blogs, and a fan of sarah’s aesthetic since day 1, so when she launched her print shop on society6, i ate that ish right up and promptly ordered a few pieces for my gallery wall. it’s been almost a year since i redid my dining corner, and i’ve been thinking that perhaps my wall needs a bit of love in the form of new prints. lucky for me, sarah recently updated her shop with a few new pieces, and i am LOVING them. my favorite, in particular, is tucked, a fashionista-in-a-striped-shirt rendition that would look so cute against my grey walls.

just for fun, i put together a little board of the new prints i’m loving – all in black and white.


though kindles and ipads dominate the world, paper hasn’t gone away. not just yet. people may prefer to read their books and their magazines on e-readers, but when it comes to calendars, cards, and pretty pretty prints, it’s all about paper. this guide is for the girl who still prefers a handwritten note to an email, the one who has a framed gallery wall worth coveting, the one who keeps a true calendar on her desk and a true agenda in her purse. you know the type. these gifts are for her.




have you ever heard the acronym “GSD”? it stands for get shit done, and it’s a modern working woman’s mantra if i’ve ever heard one.  i love technology just as much as the next girl, but sometimes, it feels like we’re all just so damn plugged inmost of us have desk jobs, but our screen time doesn’t end there. we get home, and there’s facebook to check, blogs to read, instagram photos to like and comment on. social media is never-ending, like our to-do lists. i know i’m not alone in feeling overwhelmed from time to time, whether it’s at my day job, or at home on the weekdays, struggling to check items off my list. here’s the thing: work will always be work (even when it’s work that you love), so why not make your workspace pretty? i’m a big fan of streamlined acrylic tape dispensers and gold staplers (desktop glitter! what could be better?). and there’s nothing like a pop of pink, whether it’s in the form of an organizer or some thin highlighters. if you have to take notes, you might as well do so in a bright, cheery, lime green notebook. and if you have to organize documents, you might as well do so in a quirky strawberry folder. because let’s face it. when your shit is pretty, it’s easier to get shit done.

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i’m a big fan of rifle paper co. anna bond’s illustrations are so beautiful that i sometimes get the sense i’m being taken back to an earlier, simpler time – they have a vintage feel, almost. rifle paper’s mission is to help people celebrate moments of joy and inspiration with handwritten notes (like i said, an earlier, simpler time), and their pieces do indeed help to do that. i always feel like i’m sending something extra special when i address a rifle paper card. i’ve also taken to utilizing their notepads and notebooks at my desk at work; they work wonders to brighten up a rather drab office space.


recently, the company put together their very first lookbook (free with any purchase over $50). the brand’s signature floral illustrations were brought to life by brooklyn florist amy merrick (who you may recognize from her work on design*sponge). aren’t these shots beautiful? i want to order my $50 of goodies just so i can get the lookbook to swoon over.