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new balance sneakers | gold wishbone | embroidered dress | bow flats | love potion | leopard pillow | flannel clutch | boscia black mask | tork mirror | rose gold heart ring | agate coasters |

love potions, leopard, and hearts, OH MY! this week’s WIWTW features a few of my favorite things: face masks, pops of gold, animal print, and of course, SHOES. let’s get some shoes, shall we? the bow flats above are from club monaco, and i saw them in person last weekend at the soho store. they are positively darling, but i can’t rationalize spending over $100 on bow flats. here’s hoping these babies go on sale. those new balance sneakers, on the opposite side of the style spectrum, are a potential replacement for the j.crew version i had my eye on this past fall. the colorway i wanted is sold out, and j.crew has already launched their spring styles, which means the ones i had my heart set on are only available on ebay for upwards of $150. crooks! those ebay assholes bought up all my shoes and then are selling them for a profit! how dare they!

sad story: i had a brief moment of happiness 2 weeks ago at the j.crew store in the flatiron district, where i stumbled upon my one of my chosen shoes (the display version), in my size, with the label “last pair” on the bottom. i immediately grabbed the shoe and ran to the nearest salesperson and blurted out, rather awkwardly, i think, “can i have the other one of these, please?!” the salesperson disappeared into the back room for quite some time, only to come out empty handed. following a computer search, he concluded that the other shoe was missing in the j.crew abyss, never to be seen again. AND, the style was sold out everywhere, including one j.crew location in connecticut, which, despite a computer record which stated they had a few in stock, was all out. i came so close! i gave the j.crew salesman my number, and he promised to call if the other shoe turned up. alas, no one has called. and now my shoe is up on ebay for a ridiculous price.

hence, i’ve been searching for a suitable alternative. these ones seem like a good fit: the grey is a good, neutral, ‘wear with everything’ option, and i love the pop of gingham on the lip of the shoe. plus, i spy with my little eye a little hint of CORAL (something i loved about the j.crew pair).

now that i’ve grumbled about shoes for two paragraphs, let’s talk about the other goodies above. i’m totally intrigued by tata harper’s love potion, which supposedly “inspires sensuality and a sense of inner beauty and confidence.” hells yes, sign me up! i’m also really into charcoal face masks lately, and i’ve heard good things about this boscia one.

i’ve slowly been switching out some design elements in my living room, and i think this cb2 tork mirror (which i’ve had my eye on for over a year) might just be the perfect piece for above the couch. tomorrow is payday, and i’m thinking i’ll march my booty over to cb2 after work and pick one of these beauties up!

speaking of beauty, how cute is this flannel clutch? when i first came across it on pinterest, i assumed it would be cost a pretty penny. color me happy and prove me wrong, because it’s just $46! i love how the yellow tones look almost gold. this would make a great birthday gift for a girlfriend. as would this oversized gold wishbone – one of those perfect pieces to make your home looked funky and lived in and oh so cool. if i could, i’d buy pretty much everything jayson home. the chicago-based home store always knocks it out of the park.

so, now that i’ve done my imaginary shopping for the week, tell me: what are you crushing on lately?


equipment silk polka dot pajamas | heart printed matchbox | love potion | vintage brass cats | striped hammam towels | brass lamp | gold-leafed bar cart | agate door handles | leopard slip-on sneaker | bow sweatshirt |

lately, when i get home, all i want to do is rip off my work clothes (okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. rip makes the act sound way sexier than it actually is), throw my hair into a messy bun, take off my makeup, and put on some seriously comfy pjs, stat. which is silly, really, since i wear leggings pretty much every day, and work in a place where ‘business casual’ is so casual that i could pretty much wear ANYTHING and no one would blink an eye. maybe it’s a function of the frigid weather, maybe it’s that when i get home, i want to be in oversized, not-at-all constricting clothing (since leggings are so constricting and all)…or maybe it’s that i found these pjs, from equipment, and i just want to wear them ALL THE TIME. what can i say? i am a comfort first girl.

other finds this week include the most awesome door handles of ALL TIME IN AGATE (YES, AGATE. i die. these with a mid-century console would be insane), the cutest matches ever (file these under “things i absolutely do not need”), adorable little brass cats i’m eyeing (you can never have enough tchotchkes), and my number one “must have” shoe for spring: leopard slip-on sneaks.

brass cats…come to mama.

happy thursday!


catbird hortense necklace | clare vivier’s love shop | black fringed booties gold athena feather tray | tibi crystal mule | shopbop BFF rings | leather contrast cardigan | gold iPhone case | magenta pouf | new balance sneakers |

one time, while complaining about watching sports at a friends’ place, i made the mistake of stating that i didn’t quite understand fantasy football, and how into it my guy friends got. i couldn’t fathom how these smart, interesting, have-better-things-to-do-if-you-ask-me gentlemen were willing to waste HOURS of time (and a good deal of money, if they lost) on a fake football game that, while pulling in strings from the outside world, existed solely on the internet.

and you know what my friend scott said? he said fantasty football was to guys what online shopping and things like pinterest were to girls. “you get joy out of putting items into an online shopping cart, don’t you?” “yes, of course!” “but you don’t often buy things, do you?” “not often, no.” “and yet you still do it.” “yes, it’s fun!” “so is fantasy football.” 

as in, it doesn’t matter that the games aren’t real games, just like it doesn’t matter to me that sometimes my online shopping isn’t real shopping. putting the items (or players) together is the fun – the rest is somewhat irrelevant.

as you can imagine, ever since then, i’ve kept my mouth shut during fantasy season.

and of course, i still continue to online faux-shop my heart out. which is where this new series, what i want this weekcomes from. like the name says, it’s a list of things i’ve got my eye on come payday. of course, as i told scott, i won’t be buying all of these things. no girl can buy all of the things. a) it’s materialistic and b) payday isn’t THAT big of a day. and who really needs all of the things? no one, that’s who. but in the meantime, i can pin my little heart out {follow my what i want this week board on pinterest here}, and keep my eyes peeled for those extra special items that just need to find their way into my home/heart.


can i tell you how much i covet one of clare vivier’s positively perfect clutches? or how i’ve got my eye on the leather weekender that would take me to massachusetts and beyond on the regular? i’m a huge fan of vivier’s work (her silverlake flagship shop is to die for; i can’t wait to check it out in person when i take a trip to LA in april), and i’ve loved watching her line grow over the past few years. what started out as a few simple leather clutches has evolved into a full line of accessories. vivier pieces make for the perfect gift (i contemplated getting a foldover clutch as a non-traditional bridal shower gift earlier this summer), so it’s no surprise that she’s rolled out a little something special for our next giftable holiday: valentine’s day.

i should tell you right here and now that i am not a fan of v day. as a single lady in new york, where romance could be around every corner (but isn’t), there’s nothing like a holiday where every girl in your office except you gets a fresh bouquet of roses to make you feel sorry for yourself. pity party, table of 1! that being said, i do love the little treats that come along with cupid. HELLO, red and pink m&ms. HI, adorable little heart print bowls i scouted at west elm this weekend but did not purchase {thank you, self control}.

and most importantly, HEY GIRL HEY to vivier’s love shop, a new curated collection of clutches, coin purses and catchalls that are positively PERFECT for valentine’s day. to my imaginary boyfriend*, if you’re out there, and you’re reading this – i’ll take a coin purse in mon amour, please.

*these would also make great gifts for girlfriends. galentine’s day is a real thing, you guys. and it should not be celebrated lightly. if i had a million dollars, i’d be buying out this whole shop for my lady friends.




{jayson home moroccan wedding blanket parson’s bench}

a story about me and morocco.

the year i was bat mitzvahed, my grandma took my entire extended family (my cousin and i are the same age) on a 2 week trip to morocco. though i had traveled a bunch as a kid (lucky me!), morocco was a whole other world. literally. for starters, it was in AFRICA. i mean, hi, exotic locale. it was also a place where girls with blonde hair and hazel eyes were things to be bartered for. my price was equivalent to a few nice rugs and some steaming mugs of mint tea. it was a place where the old world still had a firm hold on things, where lifestyle glossies like vogue had yet to traverse the terrain, where rivers of mud and discarded trash ran straight through the streets. marrakech, specifically, was a visceral feast. the sights, the sounds, the smells. and don’t even get me started on the leather tannery we visited one day. talk about smells, or should i say, stenches. holy moly, did i have to hold my nose at that one.

as blessed as i feel that i’ve visited such an incredible place, part of me wishes i’d made the trip when i was a bit older. i think i would appreciate the country a lot more now than i did then. i suppose that’s why it’s important to travel as an adult – because your brain has formed enough to truly wrap itself around the amazing experiences that sojourning around the world bring. one thing i’m sure i would appreciate now more than i did than is the amazing color and style of moroccan interiors – from the colorful tilework to the gorgeous moroccan wedding blankets that have become all the rage in interior design over the past few years.

also known as handira, moroccan wedding blankets are traditional cape-like nuptial garments of the Berber women. these gorgeous pieces, worn by brides at their wedding ceremonies, are handwoven by a bride’s relatives, and can take weeks to complete. these days, you’ll see them hanging on walls, atop crisp white sheets being used as bedspreads, beneath dining tables as rugs…the design possibilities are endless. a bit sparkly, a bit sequin-y, and a whole lot of pretty, moroccan wedding blankets are a beautiful, versatile piece that the interior world can’t get enough of.

you can get the real thing by doing a bit of savvy googling, or you can snag mass market versions, which have popped up everywhere from anthropologie to jayson home (where the piece above can be found).

Winter Hats


i’m a gal who loves a good winter accessory. i have an entire dresser drawer dedicated to hats, scarves, and gloves. i probably own around 15 scarves, maybe as many hats, and at least 4 pairs of gloves (and counting). what can i say? i grew up in the northeast. i went to school in upstate new york. i then moved to new york city, a place that is, deceptively, much colder than you think it’ll be. something about all those tall buildings creates a serious wind tunnel syndrome, and let me tell you, it can be positively FRIGID here come december and january.

i remember last year, in the weeks following hurricane sandy, when we had no heat, or hot water, or power. each day, i’d walk home from work, crossing the line between NoPo (north of power) into SoPo (south of power), where i lived. as the lights disappeared and the skyline behind me blended into the night stars, it got cold. like, really cold. and then i’d trudge the ten flights of stairs up to my apartment, which was also dark and cold. for at least a week, every night, i returned home, lit all the candles i could find, and put on two layers of pajama pants, a sweatshirt, a hat, and big wool socks, and sat with my faux fur blanket snuggled around me on the couch, a comforter on top of that. a tweet from last year post-sandy reads: Trying to stay warm sans heat = currently wearing sparkly rainbow converse, faux fur leopard jacket, plaid scarf + hot pink pom hat. So chic

there’s something to be said for the kind of chill that you just can’t shake, and in the days following sandy, i learned firsthand how that kind of cold works. i was lucky to get power back about 10 days after the hurricane, and heat and hot water soon after that. i don’t ever want to be that cold for an extended period of time, let me tell you.*

that kind of cold means you layer with all you’ve got. it means hats are absolutely essential (they keep the heat in, folks). in other words, if you don’t have a great winter hat, it’s time to go out and buy one. maybe even one of the ten above?

*ps: there are many in this city (and probably in your city, too) who go without the cold weather gear they need to get through the winter. if you’re anything like me, you’ve got extra clothing you don’t wear. please consider donating to your local coat drive, or find a shelter in your area that’s accepting donations for hats, scarves, and gloves. new yorkers, you can find information about the new york cares coat drive here.