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Holiday Gift Guide 2013_Covermy mantra for gift giving is simple: give people what they wouldn’t buy for themselves. this varies from person to person, of course, but for most of us, it’s those little luxuries. the things we see and say, “ooh, i’d really love that”, but then do not buy. like the uber expensive nail polish with perfectly oversized flecks of glitter. or that fancy schmancy lip balm. or those cashmere gloves that are oh so soft but not exactly oh so necessary. gifts should give people a little bit of light in their heart, a little bit of sparkle in their step. the best gifts, in my opinion, aren’t necessarily the ones that people will use day to day, but the ones that add a little bit of luxury to their everyday. get them the things they’d want, but would never, ever, buy for themselves.

nowhere is the mantra more applicable than when shopping for your besties. see, besties deserve the best, because they are the best. they’re the girls that you call when you’re crying so hard snot is dripping down your face and you can barely catch your breath. they’re the ones that show up with your favorite kinds of candy and a mary-kate and ashley movie when you’ve had a rough day. they’re the ones who know when to tell you it’ll all be okay, and when to tell it to you straight.

i don’t have a ton of close girlfriends, but i can count them on one hand, and i feel pretty damn lucky to have each and every one of them. here are a few of the things i’m thinking of getting them this holiday season.

Holiday Gift Guide 2013_Bits and Bobs for Besties


fresh sugar lip balm in berry | c. wonder leopard print minauderie | simpatico bubble bath | bop basics cashmere texting gloves | IT by alexa chung | lip print mug | bien fait phone case | pinch mini emergency kit | bobbi brown shimmer powder | the everygirl keep not settling phone case | fresh rose face mask | stretchy hair ties | deborah lippmann glitter polishes | nars cinematic lipstick | monogrammed miniature notebook | tortoise shell phone case 


WANTED_JCrew Leather Texting Glovesi’ve been on the hunt for cute texting glove for a while now. i found this pair at shopbop, and while they’re cashmere, and probably extremely cozy, they’re sort of blah, design-wise. if i’m going to splurge on gloves, i want to find something a little bit more special. especially given that these gloves will be going all over the place, holding bus railings and subway poles morning, noon and night.

we’ve officially hit frigid, cover-every-open-patch-of-skin season here in new york, which means i’ve got to find a good pair of gloves, pronto. lucky to me, j.crew has all my bases covered, with these chic but classic leather gloves that have been specially treated for smartphone use. i mean, HELLO, genius idea. should i tear myself away from my phone more often? yes. could i do without instagram while i wait for the 7am bus? of course. but do i want to? hells to the no, sister. a girl’s gotta check her instagram feed even when it’s cold!

and for that, i present to you, these j.crew gloves, officially on my WANTED list.


have i told you guys that my feet (well, really just my left one) are falling apart? they are. i broke my sesamoid (a teeny, tiny little bone in the bottom of your foot bed) earlier this year, and spent 6 weeks in a hideous grandma-style orthopedic shoe/boot/sandal hybrid that pretty much resembled the tevas i used to wear at camp…on crack. and my foot got a little bit better, but not much. i then dropped $500 on custom orthotics (ouch, credit card bill), only to find that they didn’t make much of a difference, and they only fit in my sneakers. which would be fine, except that i hate sneakers. see, i’m about as un-athletic as they come, despite my love for bar method and recent affinity for soul cycle. i legitimately did not own real sneakers (besides rainbow sequin converse…) until i hurt my foot. and then i went out and bought a neon pair of nikes. and while i like them, i guess (they’re okay, for sneakers), i don’t love them. i don’t want to wear them. i don’t enjoy looking at them in my closet, nor on my feet.

but you know what i would enjoy looking at on my feet? these babies by new balance. they’re from the retailer’s collaboration with heidi klum (random), and are pretty much as cool as i think sneakers could get in my book. black, gold and coral? SIGN ME UP. and for less than $90 buckaroos, these have “birthday gift to myself” written all over them.

593490f385f9f0b9010c7cfe8a8e44fci fell in love with this look on pinterest over the weekend, and immediately set about perusing my favorite retailers to find a plaid scarf just like the one above. lucky for me, zara has multiple plaid options available. this one looks like it would do the trick! love. need to get my tush into zara this weekend for some retail therapy. also, remember this post, and how much i was craving affordable plaid for winter? turns out zara is a veritable GOLDMINE of affordable plaid options. feast your eyes on the style board below. zara, i’m comin’ for ya!

Mad for Plaid Part II

i’m on the hunt for the perfect fall bootie, but i’ve yet to find it. i’m hoping for a pair with studs, a pair that’s slightly western, and a pair that’s all about the buckles. i almost bought a pair of steve maddens at tjmaxx yesterday, but something held me back. of course, today i have buyer’s remorse. note to self: never say no at tjmaxx! stuff there is here today, gone tomorrow. alas!

i usually rely on my trust frye harness boots to get me through fall, but this season, i’m craving something slightly shorter. enter the looks below. tell me, do you have a fave?

bootie call

have you guys checked out the goods at furbish lately? the goods are good. i’m especially taken by the constellation offerings in their newest pop-up shop. snag your star sign in various formats: prints, adorable ceramic boxes, matches, cards…the options are endless. and also, how chic is that mirrored star pendant? i’d love it above my dining table, or in the entryway of my dreams.

starry night
tea kettles

now that it’s getting cooler outside, and the sun is rising later and later, i find myself craving a cozy mug of tea in the morning. and by mug of tea, i mean travel mug, tea consumed on my morning bus ride across 23rd street to the 6 train at park avenue. i’m the type of person who drinks iced chai until it gets really cold out, like, 40 or below, but once it does, i’m a daily hot tea drinker. i love a good cup of steaming peppermint in the early mornings, when the air is so chilly you can see your breathe spelling out shapes in the sky. from late fall through early spring, i wake up before the sun does, and trek down to bar method before the rest of the world is fully awake. this requires a little bit of extra motivation; it’s no small feat to rise in the darkness. hence, a morning cup of tea.

it’s come to my attention, however, that my tea kettle, purchased a few years ago for less than $10 at tjmaxx, has seen better days. and since i’m entering high tea season, i thought it might be time to purchase a new kettle. i rounded up a few of my favorites below. i’m torn between the copper and the mint. which would you pick?