5 trends to try for fall


you guys, fall is here. well, almost. let me rephrase: fall clothes are here. i may or may not have already splurged on a vince sweater coat at nordstrom rack (cozy central). like all basic white girls, fall is my favorite season, hands down. i just love dressing for autumn. give me a pair of leggings and sweater with a big floral scarf over a sundress any day. i am the happiest of campers when i can layer up the wazoo, and then throw a leather jacket over my shoulders. sunglasses, oxblood nails, berry-tinted lips. done and DONE, my friends. i love fall dressing so much that i’m pretty sure i’m way cuter in the fall. yes, you can quote me on that. or judge me on it (the latter would be more appropriate).

since it’s almost autumn, i’ve been pinning fall outfit inspiration like crazy, as any single girl with a cat is wont to do. the above looks offer 5 trends i’m thinking we (you and me) have to try for fall. some of them are already in, some are ALWAYS IN (hi, faux fur, love you), and some are new, to me, at least. most likely none are new to the more fashionable denizens of this fine city, but let’s be real: not all of us can look like we stepped out of a sartorialist shot.

so, let’s do this, shall we? here are 5 trends you’ve got to try for fall.

1) faux fur. repeat after me: faux fur is your friend. not real fur, because that’s creepy and not fair to the animals who need it way more than you do. faux fur, however, is the shit. it’s cozy. it keeps you warm. it comes in gorgeous colors. it’s CHIC, you guys. i swear, add some faux fur and you automatically look more sophisticated. at least, that’s what i tell myself every time i wear my faux fur snood. if you need inspiration for how to wear it, see images 3 and 4, where olivia palermo and some pretty blonde girl are layering faux fur (or, maybe real fur, those assholes) over their respective shirts/jackets. i love the look of a fur vest over a leather jacket, and there’s something about the juxtaposition of faux fur and a sheer silk shirt that looks effortlessly cool.

2) skirts with sweaters. when done right, a maxi with a sweater can be flattering, warm, and (dare i use the word again?) effortless. it’s the easy way out. but check out the ladies above. laurel pantin (that adorable blonde in the bottom right in the shot above) rocks it out with double the texture, double the fun. she’s got a funky knee-length skirt (hard to pull off no matter what your body type) with a chunky knit, and she’s ROCKING it. the all white color scheme ain’t too shabby either. then there’s the lady to the left, who is a dead ringer for kate hudson (in real life, she’s a style blogger). that sheer black tea-length skirt with the light v-neck sweater? i die for this look. if i were tall blonde and thin, i would wear this every single day.

3) big floral scarves. i’ll admit it: i’m kind of a scarf addict. i love them. i own way too many of them. and now i want to own more, particularly, one with big bright florals all over it. joanna hillman is a serious style icon (the hair. the red lips. the impossibly long legs.), and that shot, with the camel jacket, is no exception. i’d also pair that scarf with a striped long-sleeve tee (alexander wang makes my faves), a light sweater, a leather jacket…the list goes on and on. a floral scarf is basically a neutral, in my book.

4) tons of texture. let’s go back to laurel, shall we? there is so much texture going on in that outfit. the skirt. the knitted sweater. the leather belt. this is a tough look to pull off, but the style lesson is still there: don’t be afraid to mix and match. wear your lace with a fisherman’s sweater. pair sequins with faux fur (within reason, of course, there’s a reason that less is more). my general strategy is to put it all on, then take at least one thing off. this generally means i don’t leave the house looking like i got dressed in the dark (note, i said generally).

5) pattern play. the first image in the bunch above is a shot of j.crew’s fall/winter ’14 presentation. that means it was shot last february, when we were still wading through slush and thinking winter would never, ever end. i pinned in ages ago, but i can’t wait to glean some style inspiration from it now. floral pants with a plaid scarf? don’t mind if i do. pattern mixing has been “in” for a few seasons now, but i’ve been doing it since i was a kid. i mean, i was the girl that showed up to a sleepaway camp wearing floral printed jorts and a tie dyed tee when everyone else was in juicy sweatsuits. case in point: don’t be afraid to mix it up. in my book, weirder is better.

and there you have it. style notes from a basic bitch who loves black leggings more than life itself.


what i want this week shopping list


end of the season shopping, also known as SALE TIME, is my favorite kind of shopping. maybe this is my inner cheapskate coming out, but there’s really nothing like scoring a piece you’ve had your eye on for months at 60% off. the thrill of the hunt, i guess. men have hunting and gathering, we have shopping.

that might be the most superficial statement i’ve ever written. please forgive me.

this week’s shopping list is brought to you by three things: pieces i can bring to mexico, pieces i want in my apartment, and pieces to carry all the little pieces of my life (helllooo, tote bags). seriously, though, santa baby, can you shimmy that bar cart down the chimney to me? i’m sure hanukkah harry would be happy to help. i’ll leave you both some cookies, and some gelt for harry.

happy shopping, and happy august! holy moly, this summer is FLYING by.


{taylor tomasi hill as photographed for the cut during the first day of NYFW}

in a world where street style has gotten to be an atrocious, howridiculouscanidress game, taylor tomasi hill continues to bring her a-game, proving that you can get dressed (and be successfully photographed) without looking like you got dressed in the dark.

sweater, warm coat, and sneakers. aka, what most other new yorkers are wearing in this weather. thank goodness SOMEONE isn’t trying too hard.

winter101fauxfuri don’t know about where you live, but it’s been cold as beejesus ’round these parts. i love the northeast, i really do, but sometimes, a girl just wants to wear a sweater and a snood and call it a day. though i have to admit, i do love me some faux fur. i’ve got two (identical; one’s light brown, the other, dark brown) faux fur jackets that i scored for 10 pounds each back in 2006 at london’s portobello road flea market, and beyond the fact that i’m pretty sure they’ve got many a story hidden in their sleeves, they keep me damn warm when the temperatures drop. there’s nothing like a little (faux, of course) fur to snuggle up to when you’re waiting for the crosstown bus on a chilly winter morning. and as the ladies above prove, it’s easy to look tres chic while doing so. now, where can i get me an oxblood jacket?

photo 2

morning snow bunny selfies

photo 3

madison square park in the snow earlier this morning

the outfit below is a pretty close approximation to what i wore to work this morning in an effort to brave hercules’ wrath. my pink j.crew coat is no longer in stock, but this stadium cloth one, a light peach color, is a close second place. my faux fur snood from anthro has been my best friend this winter; never have i worn something so cozy. i splurged on this club monaco hat with a faux fur pom pom last night after spin class (oopsies, snow shopping!), and while it’s sold out online, you can probably still find it in store. of course, during any snowday, you need snow boots. mine are sorel; i got them on sale at nordstrom rack in preparation for a new year’s ski trip upstate. but i’ve got a big crush on these sperry for j.crew ones with the neon sole. last but not least, a girl’s got to keep her lips moisturized in the frigid winter air. fresh’s cherry sugar lip treatment is my new favorite. it injects a serious burst of candy apple red while being as moisturizing as aquaphor. score.


anthropologie snood j.crew jacket | club monaco hat | sperry for j.crew boots | club monaco faux fur gloves fresh sugar lip treatment

Fur Sure

when i first moved to new york, i was pretty sure i wanted to work in fashion. i’d had my first taste of city style the summer before, when i interned at deutsch and lived in chinatown, and seen my share of chic new yorkers with model off duty style and unwashed hair and so cool it hurts vintage clothing. i’d even purchased some of that so cool it hurts clothing for myself, at angela’s vintage on 11th street in the east village. so when i graduated college, and moved to new york with an english degree and my cat and not much else, i gravitated toward the fashion world, thinking, if i could merge my love for style with my love for words, i’d be golden. of course, it’s never that simple. carrie bradshaw isn’t a real human being. her closet isn’t a real new york closet. her wardrobe, on that salary? also not real.

what is real is how insanely creative and energizing the fashion industry is. i found this out firsthand while covering fashion week for a little ol’ blog i wrote for (not this one) for a few seasons during my first few years in new york. at the time, i thought fashion week was, quite possibly, the most glamorous thing i’d ever seen, let alone been a part of. i suppose, to this day, that’s probably still the case. i saw celebrities up close. i sat right behind anna wintour’s infamous bob. i watched insanely beautiful clothing walk down the runway, hung on the slight shoulders of insanely beautiful people. i wore a ridiculous sequin cape from the 60s one day, a tie dyed mini dress the next.

but eventually, the novelty wore off. the sheen seemed more like cheap lame. the clothes were beautiful, yes, but the people weren’t my people. they were elitist and exclusive. they lived a lifestyle i couldn’t afford to live – and one i’m not sure i’d live even if i could afford it. they were all about the surface, and i don’t live a surface life, in any sense of the word.

don’t get me wrong. i love pretty things. i love to look at beautiful clothes. but would i spend $1000 on a pair of embroidered jeans? never. i don’t even wear jeans. i think spending $400 on a purse is a TON of money. i’d never spend a month’s worth of rent on anything but, well, my rent. and i’ve found that i’m much happier in a different kind of creative industry.

these days, my outfits are more boring. i still wear sequins (i’m wearing them today, in fact, on my cardigan), but you’ll rarely find me in an all out “outfit.” i dress for comfort, mostly, for 10 hour days at work and 14 hour days away from my apartment. i solely wear flats, thanks to a recent foot injury, and i’ve taken to wearing my hair in a high bun because i can’t be bothered to style it. you could say that as i’ve gotten older, i’ve gotten more lazy. but i think what’s really happened is that i’ve become more in tune with my personal style, more okay with who i am in general, and that’s reflected in what i wear. i have a uniform (leggings and big sweaters in the fall, maxi dresses in the summer), and i’m okay with that. i’m not the kind of girl whose outfit turns heads, and i don’t think i’ll ever be. maybe the girl who moved to new york five years ago could have been, if life had doled her a slightly different piece of pie. and that girl? she totally would have worn the outfit above, fur collar and all.