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on the hunt: work totes

why is it so hard to find a good work tote? i know, champagne problem, first world problems, etc., but really, why is it so hard to find a good work tote?! tote bag gods, i want to know: can’t a girl get a sturdy, simple, chic bag that can easily fit laptop, lunch, and assorted kitchen sink-eries? oh, and also, have two cell phone slots? and be slouchy but not too slouchy? and have shoulder straps that are strong enough not to break when you also throw in spin shoes and maybe a sandwich for lunch? and a kindle and a wallet and a few lipsticks?

generally, i leave my apartment around 7am, and am not back until 7pm or later. since i work out before work, i’m consistently toting all of the above around with me, plus a change of clothes, my makeup, a comb, a brush, deodorant…the list goes on and on. add to that the days where i’m also lugging my laptop, and it ain’t pretty. i regularly carry an extra lululemon bag around with me for lunch and my other assorted things-that-don’t-fit-in-my-actual-bag, which means i’m the annoying girl who bumps into people accidentally on the subway/in the line at trader joes/on the street. if only i could find a bag that could fit it all.

what i need, when i think about it, is a mary poppins bag. one of those magical bottomless bags where you can store your entire life and never run out of room. why haven’t they invented that yet? sigh. until then, i’ll be eying the options above. i think this madewell tote might win.

feeling springy

tibi neon and gray sweater | madewell hoops | loeffler randall mint satchel | j.crew sun hat| otte silk tank | deborah lippmann polish | gap chambray dress | illevesta sunnies | j.crew soludos | nars angelika | loeffler randall starla sandals | madewell neon lace skirt | rebecca taylor lace crop top | old navy striped hoodie | diptyque rosamundi candle

in honor of the first day of spring (and man, is it lovely in new york today. helllooo, sunshine!), here are some picks (click the link to shop on polyvore!) on my wishlist for the new season.

ps: i already splurged on the candle, and let me tell you, it was worth every penny. it makes my room, and pretty much everything i own that sets foot in my room, smell insanely delicious. light, fresh, but still a little bit sexy (dare i call a candle sexy?), it’s the perfect spring scent.

photo 2

morning snow bunny selfies

photo 3

madison square park in the snow earlier this morning

the outfit below is a pretty close approximation to what i wore to work this morning in an effort to brave hercules’ wrath. my pink j.crew coat is no longer in stock, but this stadium cloth one, a light peach color, is a close second place. my faux fur snood from anthro has been my best friend this winter; never have i worn something so cozy. i splurged on this club monaco hat with a faux fur pom pom last night after spin class (oopsies, snow shopping!), and while it’s sold out online, you can probably still find it in store. of course, during any snowday, you need snow boots. mine are sorel; i got them on sale at nordstrom rack in preparation for a new year’s ski trip upstate. but i’ve got a big crush on these sperry for j.crew ones with the neon sole. last but not least, a girl’s got to keep her lips moisturized in the frigid winter air. fresh’s cherry sugar lip treatment is my new favorite. it injects a serious burst of candy apple red while being as moisturizing as aquaphor. score.


anthropologie snood j.crew jacket | club monaco hat | sperry for j.crew boots | club monaco faux fur gloves fresh sugar lip treatment

593490f385f9f0b9010c7cfe8a8e44fci fell in love with this look on pinterest over the weekend, and immediately set about perusing my favorite retailers to find a plaid scarf just like the one above. lucky for me, zara has multiple plaid options available. this one looks like it would do the trick! love. need to get my tush into zara this weekend for some retail therapy. also, remember this post, and how much i was craving affordable plaid for winter? turns out zara is a veritable GOLDMINE of affordable plaid options. feast your eyes on the style board below. zara, i’m comin’ for ya!

Mad for Plaid Part II
mad for plaid

i think i may have fallen in love with a preppy staple (who am i and what have i done?). guys, i’m totally falling for plaid, thanks to this gorgeous stella mccartney sweater. i want to wear it with black skinnies and jenni kayne flats. i want to wear it with leggings and studded moto boots. i want to wear it with a leather skirt and black court shoes. GAH. it is oh so expensive. le sigh, stella, le sigh. i could never fathom spending a month of rent on a sweater, so in the meantime, i’ll get my fix with this much cheaper urban outfitters option. 

i’m on the hunt for the perfect fall bootie, but i’ve yet to find it. i’m hoping for a pair with studs, a pair that’s slightly western, and a pair that’s all about the buckles. i almost bought a pair of steve maddens at tjmaxx yesterday, but something held me back. of course, today i have buyer’s remorse. note to self: never say no at tjmaxx! stuff there is here today, gone tomorrow. alas!

i usually rely on my trust frye harness boots to get me through fall, but this season, i’m craving something slightly shorter. enter the looks below. tell me, do you have a fave?

bootie call


those of you who follow me on instagram may have caught a glimpse of my most favorite recent purchase: a cat sweatshirt from forever21. i haven’t shopped at “forevs” much in the past few years (in college, i could be spotted filling my arms with “going out shirts” at the retailer multiple times a week. oopsies, shopping addiction!), but i happened to pop in after work on friday, and boy am i glad i did. apparently, sweatshirts are really in for fall. who knew! i’m a big fan of comfy clothes, so anytime something formerly schlumpy becomes acceptable and stylish, you can count me in. f21 had a variety of chic sweatshirts up for grabs, and most were between $17-22. can you say score? i picked up two: the cat print you see in the shot above (pardon my lack of makeup and by lazy bun), and this fun “team paris” option. i made it all the way to checkout with this one as well, whereupon i realized it was slightly ridiculous to spend $60 on sweatshirts, two of which were cat themed. #crazycatlady.

you wouldn’t believe how much cat-themed stuff there was at f21. iphone cases. cosmetic bags. tshirts, crop tops, sweatshirts, skirts, blouses. cats are in, you guys. like, really in. to the point where both forever and zara are making knockoffs of the beloved charlotte olympia cat flats.

it’s safe to say i’ve been waiting for this moment all of my life – the moment when it’s cool to be a cat lady.

does this mean i can find a husband soon? want to get in on the kitty cat goodness? shop the looks below.

Cool Cats