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okay, first things first: how freaking adorable is this cat? i mean, hi, please cuddle with me ALL DAY EVERY DAY. there are two persian kittens currently looking for a home at kitty kind, where i volunteer (union square petco, nyc folks!), and while they’re as cute as it gets, i think this cat might win in a “take me home” contest.

anywho, the weekend. we did it, folks. we (or at least i) are officially on christmas vacation! i am thrilled to be away from new york (even though i just had a vacation), and even more thrilled to be home in massachusetts for almost a week (!). while my apartment here in NYC feels like home, there’s no home like my parent’s house. in fact, i’m not sure there ever will be. maybe when i have kids myself.

speaking of having kids, one of my favorite things this week was emily henderson’s birth story and accompanying photos (not gross ones, i promise). i’m a huge fan of emily’s blog, and have been following her baby stories over the past year. this was by far my favorite post, and made me really, really excited to pop out some babies like it ain’t no thang! just kidding – emily was honest about how insanely PAINFUL birth is. but she also talked about how beautiful it is, how the happiness is so great that it’s like nothing you’ve ever felt, and boy, do i want that feeling. helloooo, biological clock. tick tick tick tick tick…

other things that struck my fancy this week:

this DIY on spray-painting gold hardware. perfect for ikea hackers everywhere.

this NYTimes piece on dasani, a homeless child in new york. it’s at once frightening, incredibly moving, and heartbreaking. an absolute must read.

this article on how 2013 was a great year for women on the small screen. i couldn’t agree more. i loved OITNB, and am a scandal addict. notably, however, the piece missed a few of my favorite women-fronted shows: nashville, and my beloved pretty little liars.

this movie poster, for the fault in our stars, one of my favorite books of the past year (john green, you rock!). i’m not 100% sold on the tagline they chose, but i still can’t wait to see the film. shailene woodley is going to kill it as hazel.



i’ve told you before how much love i have in my heart for designer emily henderson. i’m a longtime reader of her laugh out loud hilarious blog. i adored her on design star. i’m pretty sure she and i are friendship soul sisters, what with our love of dumb celebrity gossip, quirky flea market finds and, of course, CATS. that’s right, mrs. henderson is a cat lady just like me. that’s some soul sister stuff in the making, friends.

emily is so currently so pregnant she’s about to pop (and might i say, she’s the coolest, most energetic-seeming pregnant lady EVER), but she somehow managed to find time to design a house for curbly, and while the entire space is pretty much to die for, i fell especially hard for this bright, airy, serene sunroom. try and say that five times fast! that paint color is the most perfect thing i’ve ever seen (sea salt by benjamin moore). and who doesn’t love a bertoia chair with a sheepskin? from hard to sit on to coziest thing ever in 10 seconds flat.


the great thing about this room is that the look is totally achievable on any budget. henderson probably used a real saarinen table, but ikea’s docksta is a great copycat (i have it in my living room and love it). bertoia chairs are pricey, but scour craigslist and you can probably find a set of four for under $150. buy any color; spray paint is your friend. the sheepskins from ikea are uber inexpensive, and that exact pillow and throw can be found at west elm. snag a vintage glass blown vase and voila – a room of your own, just like this one.


table | chairs | sheepskin | throw pillow | throw blanket | vase | paint color

01_IMG_0903have i told you guys how certifiably obsessed i am with designer/HGTV star emily henderson? well, i am. i read emily’s blog way back before she was famous. then she was on design star. then she won design star. and went on to continually do awesome things, and just be generally awesome overall. if you haven’t read her blog, you must. the woman is effing hilarious. also, she’s obsessed with cats just like me, which makes me like her more (duh). basically, in my head, we’re best friends, even though i’ve never even met her. oh emily, please come to new york and hang out with me! we could have sooo much fun searching for weird brass objects at chelsea flea!



because she’s awesome, emily was recently commissioned by airbnb for this insanely cool project that involved co-designing tiny little mobile airbnb popup “homes” with celebs such as moby, angelica huston, lake bell, and more. i mean, hello, dream gig. i’m a big airbnb fan in general, so obviously i loved this idea and couldn’t wait to see the results. emily operated as the lead designer on the project, but worked with a whole bunch of other smart, cool, stylish folks to bring the homes to life. last week, she featured moby’s home, which, while cool, didn’t totally make my insides melt with happiness.


but today, she featured lake bell’s house. and it is seriously awesome. it features gold mirrored side tables. GOLD MIRRORS, PEOPLE. hallelujah praise jesus, what an amazing invention! sadly, she informed readers that the tables are vintage and hence, not available for purchase. ALAS. 08_Justina-Blakeney-Air-Bnb3 03_Justina-Blakeney-Air-Bnb1

in case you missed it, bell’s brooklyn home was shot for lonny a few weeks ago, and while the shoot only featured her backyard, it became immediately clear that the woman has some serious boho chic style. apparently, her mom is a designer, so she’s got style in her blood. her popup home for airbnb has a global bazaar sort of feel, with cool moroccan lanterns and a carved wood bed, as well as eclectic funky bohemian textiles throughout. also, can we talk about that awesome copper chair? apparently it’s from blu dot. it’s a little weird, but in the best kind of way.04_Justina-Blakeney-Air-Bnb2 06_IMG_0573

i mean, who wouldn’t want to spend a night here? i love it. i’m sold. i would potentially give up my first born for those gold mirrored tables. okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. but i really love them, a lot. mrs. henderson, you have done it again.