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{taylor tomasi hill as photographed for the cut during the first day of NYFW}

in a world where street style has gotten to be an atrocious, howridiculouscanidress game, taylor tomasi hill continues to bring her a-game, proving that you can get dressed (and be successfully photographed) without looking like you got dressed in the dark.

sweater, warm coat, and sneakers. aka, what most other new yorkers are wearing in this weather. thank goodness SOMEONE isn’t trying too hard.

periwinkle play
this past weekend, after a decidedly gluttonous brunch at the smith, i took a detour into ricky’s in hopes of finding the perfect hot pink polish for my toes. i found it in essie’s bottle service, and while browsing the fun summer shades, i also fell in love with a periwinkle shade: the sweetly-named lapiz of luxury. all week, while zoning out in meetings, i’ve been staring at my fingernails like a total ditz, falling in love with my nail color and wondering to myself why i don’t own more items in the blueish purple shade of periwinkle.
as a young girl, my bedroom was all periwinkle – white walls with periwinkle trim, a deep blue carpet that sank down softly beneath my feet when i sleepwalked by way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. then there was my delightfully girly laura ashley bedding, which was floral with hints of, you guessed it, periwinkle. i may have outgrown the ditsy florals and upgraded to white sheets that are slightly more sophisticated, but looking at the pieces above, i think my closet and periwinkle could be seriously good friends.
the perfect pair
it’s safe to say i’m certifiably obsessed with glitter toms (and any form of glitter, really). so it’s no surprise that i jumped right on these multi-colored glitters, which hit the toms website earlier this week. they will pair perfectly with my favorite nail polish, deborah lippmann’s happy birthday. a match made in heaven, if i do say so myself. #glitterobsession
phoning it in
i recently splurged on an iphone 5, and with it, a new case. as any good shopper is wont to do, i did a bit of investigative research before picking my case (for those interested, i went with this one; it’s set to arrive any day now. wheeeee!), and almost went with the rifle and bond “hello hello” option above. i love anna rifle’s work – it’s always so whimsical and pretty. i was also tempted by the cat option above, but, at $77 at luisa via roma, it was beyond pricey. i love me some cute phone cases, and obviously, i love me some cats, but $77 for a phone case is ridiculous. also loving: the hot pink palm print, and of course, the hot pink polka dots.
but still…it was watermelons for the win.
man, would i like to be the kind of girl who wears playsuits. this one, from zara, is adorable – and looks light, fresh, and perfect for hot summer nights. too bad this cut is about as unflattering for curvy gals as it can get. alas, this outfit would look fabulous on someone else. add my favorite loeffler randall starla sandals, a gorjana griffin star necklace to compliment the constellation theme, and some plum accent pieces, and you’ve got yourself a saturday afternoon into evening look. throw on a leather jacket when the temp drops below sixty and trade the starlas for pointed flats (or heels, if you’re a heels kind of girl), and voila – dinner ready!
Fall Style 1
the past few days in new york have been delightfully perfect – a mix between the first cool kisses of autumn and summer’s sweltering humidity. the mornings are ever so slightly cold (okay, maybe cold is an overstatement, but they’ve at least been cooler), while the afternoons are warm and breezy. of course, the chillier mornings have me plotting out my fall wardrobe. now that we’ve endured two months of heat, i’m ready for crisp air and falling leaves and hot apple cider. and of course, for layering, and outfits that require a little more though than a slipdress. here are a few looks that are inspiring me for fall. all collages made on polyvore.
Fall Style 2
Fall Style 3