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i don’t know what it is about the month of september, but every time fall rolls around, i get this undeniable itch to redecorate. i want my home to change with the seasons, i want to start fresh, i want to throw out everything i own and start from scratch. now, i can’t afford to throw everything out and start from scratch (and honestly, even if i could, that would be incredibly wasteful and i’d never recommend it to anyone), i can put together a little mood board and start saving for a few pieces to redecorate.

i’ve been living in my little corner of new york city for five years now, and every so often, i splurge on a piece to make my space feel like home – but my bedroom has remained pretty much unchanged since i moved in. i’ve never regretted my moody gray walls, they make the space feel at once light and cozy, and i love my white bedding more than life itself. my bed is like a giant cloud, and i wouldn’t have it any other way. but my storage has seen better days. i’ve got two dresser in my room (oops, #clotheshorse): an antique chinoiserie style one that belonged to my grandma and that i’ll never get rid of (but it could use a good refinishing), and a cheap ikea piece i bought off craigslist and painted a pale pink. my nightstand is an antique i found in the basement of my building next to the trash cans (you wouldn’t believe the stuff people throw away in new york city!), and while it’s cute, it’s seen better days. i’ve also got a large leather armchair i found on the corner of 61st and 1st (bedbugs be damned) and hustled home that very afternoon a few years ago. my rug isn’t the right size for the space, and my TV is placed just a bit too high for late night movie watching.

all small things, sure – but the moral of the story is, my bedroom could use a little love. i’m a big believer in investing in your home (it’s a luxury to be able to do so, of course), because it’s the cornerstone of your life, and the place you come home to each night. give me the choice between an expensive handbag and an expensive piece of furniture and i’d pick the furniture any day. i’ve been super inspired by this room lately, and it’s got me craving a few splurges. i’d like to get a rug that actually fits my space, get some blinds that are a little bit nicer than my ikea curtains and shitty curtain rods, and maybe even get a mirror that isn’t the target version i found in the attic of our rented house senior year of college.

i mean, i’m 28 years old. i think i can get a real mirror, right? above are the items i’m thinking of. i’ll probably go for the rug first (a dash and albert striped beauty), then the mirror, some chic lighting from target, and some cheeky new art from etsy. those nightstands from serena and lily are to die for, but they’re pricey, and when i was home in massachusetts this past weekend, i snagged some old school mahogany side tables for an incredible $80 at an estate sale down the street. god bless suburbia, i tell you.



wallpaper has experienced a serious renaissance in the design world over the past few years, and honestly, thank goodness, because there is a WHOLE lot of unfortunate (read: fugly) wallpaper in the world (70s and 80s homes, i’m looking at you), and that shit needs to be replaced.

in the past, wallpaper was reserved for 70s era kitchens, bad bathrooms, and even worse bedrooms with wall to wall carpet. but it seems those days are behind us, and we’re all moving in the right direction, towards wallpaper that is beautiful, intricately designed, and best of all, uber chic. who has two thumbs and loves uber chic wallpaper?


as a renter, wallpaper is in my dreams, not my reality, but that doesn’t mean i can’t do some imaginary shopping, or real shopping for the folks that DO own their homes. so, where does one look for cool wallpaper? there are a lot of options, but one of my favorite places to shop is hygge & west. you may recall that a few years ago, h&w did an awesome collab with joy cho of oh joy! it was this collaboration that put hygge & west on my radar (the collection is still on sale today, and trust me when i say, it is to DIE for. cho’s “petal pusher” print kills it. i’ve seen it used in dozens of rooms, and never has it looked too busy or out of place. GLAM to the max).

i didn’t think anyone could match cho’s designs. that is, until i heard that anna bond of rifle paper co. would be doing a line for the brand. i am a HUGE rifle paper fan, and, thanks to anna bond, have become a bit of a stationary snob over the years. bond, who is rifle paper’s creative director, hand sketches/paints* all of her whimsical, beautiful pieces, so it’s no surprise that her wallpaper line (which is screenprinted in chicago) is TO DIE FOR.

*if you’re not following her on instagram, you’re missing out.

i picked out a few of my favorites above, and, just for fun, i had a little think sesh about where i’d use each of them in my dream home. laundry room, powder room, kid’s room, library. check, check, check and check. miss bond, you’ve done it again.

shop the entire rifle paper co. for hygge & west collection here.


if i had to choose one store from which to singlehandedly furnish and decorate my home (and if i had an unlimited budget, of course), i’d choose jayson home. i’ve never been to chicago, but you can bet that when i finally make my trip to the windy city, jayson home will be my first stop. i’ve ordered a few decorative accessories from the shop here and there, including this enormous gold wishbone (love it), and the ever-popular athena tray, but i’ve yet to splurge on a pillow or piece of furniture. pretty much all of the items on this wishlist are out of my budget, but hey, a girl can dream, right? above, a symphony of gold and navy, with some leather and horn thrown in for good measure.


KIMS-APT-ENTRY_046on tuesday night, i instagrammed this photo of my hotel room with the hashtag #realgrownup. i was on a trip for work in philadelphia, and was staying at a sheraton, in a room with a giant king size bed that i had all to myself. and as i took off my makeup, washing off the day, and changed out of my fancy ‘meet the clients for the first time’ dress into my leggings and sweatshirt, i had a little moment of “holy shit, i am a real grownup.”

i know it sounds silly. i am a real grownup in a lot of ways. for starters, i just turned 28, which is definitely real grownup territory. i have a good job where i make good money. i have a nice apartment that i pay for all on my own. in fact, i pay for everything i do all on my own: my vacations, my (expensive cult class) exercise habit, my many orders of takeout sushi and my shopping excursions. i am a decidedly separate entity from the family unit in which i grew up. the live i live is mine -though i share it with other people – it’s no one else’s.


sure, i don’t have children, or a serious relationship (the latter i’d take right away, the former i want eventually), but beyond those missing pieces, i’m doing fairly well at being an adult (there were some serious roadbumps when i first graduated college). i am, for all intents and purposes, a legitimate, real, grownup.

that being said, i sometimes feel light years behind my peers, a lot of whom are in serious relationships, a few of whom are married, and most of whom seem to have it all figured out. and don’t even get me started on my imaginary peers – the legions of bloggers i follow who SERIOUSLY seem to have it all (i know that a blog isn’t real life, but you know what i mean).


this is going to sound ridiculously superficial and shallow, but the one area where i do feel like a real grownup on the regular is my home. my apartment is my pride and joy. i moved into it during a time when i was really going through some shit (and that’s basically the understatement of the century), and for a while, i was convinced it would never feel like home. but almost five years later, i’m still there, and it’s more comfortable than i ever could have imagined. it is my sanctuary. i’ve poured a lot of time, and heart, and money, into it. and yet, not a penny i’ve spent on it feels wasted. the things i buy for my home, even the expensive ones, feel like the most worthy investments in the world.

which is why i fell head over heels for this ‘starter apartment’ (and i use that term insanely lightly; this woman clearly has moolah and resources many of us don’t) featured on one kings lane. it’s a one bedroom, and belongs to the eldest daughter of OKL founder susan feldman. like i said, girl has resources.

KIMS-APT-LIVING-RUG_787 KIMS-APT-LIVING-BARCART_243kim, the article states, had spent the past 5 years in a cramped roommate situation (we’ve all been there, thanks new york!), and this was her first real grownup home. she enlisted OKL stylist andrew to help her create a glamorous, modern place that she could call her own. the before pictures are nothing special, but the after shots are truly spectacular – proof that you can take a boring white box and turn it into something beautiful.


i doubt that i’ll ever be able to afford the level of decor this apartment boasts (and even if i could, i’m not sure i could stomach those price tags), but the message of the piece – that you should buy what you love, and create a home that feels like it’s really YOURS – sits well with me. my apartment might not be as fancy schmancy as this one, and i might not yet have figured out my true decorating style (as OKL says, design is never done!), but it is MINE, and it looks and feels like me…

and that, my friends, is real grownup territory.


i’m a big fan, and frequent shopper (when my pennies add up) of one kings lane, the online interior decor flash sale site. OKL appeared on the scene a few years ago, back when gilt was the main player, and no one was doing the decor thing on the ‘net. since then, they’ve pretty much exploded. their revenues are out of this world, their design eye is beyond, their blog and social properties are perfect curated…i’ve got a crush, for sure. of course, it doesn’t hurt that OKL is the brainchild of two smart, savvy women, susan feldman and alison pincus, who saw a hole in the market, and filled it with ease. OKL has offices in both san francisco and new york, and their manhattan office was featured in the most recent issue of matchbook. it’s gorgeous, isn’t it? i can’t imagine working in such a lovely space. i feel like i’d be inspired every time i blinked. have a look below, and click here to read more about how one kings lane came to be.






office amazing
a few months ago, for a fun photoshoot for the everygirl, i tricked out my desk with fun office supplies – one of the anthro mugs above, a few fun notebooks from rifle paper co., a bright neon planner from paper source, and some fun, funky le pens. i also invested in an acrylic business card holder, and acrylic tape dispenser (then splurged on hot pink scotch tape). the finishing touch was a bouquet of fresh flowers from the guys at superior florist (my new best friends, who’ve been supplying me with a custom arrangement of roses, lilies, peonies and more each week – god bless working in the flower district!). et voila, i had a pretty nice looking desk space, if i do say so myself. here are a few other pieces i’d splurge on if the budget (and counter space) would allow.
target threshold
target has seriously been stepping up their game in the interior design department, and i am S-O-L-D sold. on all the items above. seriously, my online shopping cart (there’s no target in manhattan, sadly) is overflowing with a bevy of goodies (including many of the ones seen above) that i can’t wait to incorporate into my home. in particular, i’m smitten with those gold wire side tables (and at just $50, they’re a STEAL – snagging two for my living room asap) and the brass animals (hello, side table styling). plus that seafoam blown glass teardrop lamp and the funky pillows. target, you are KILLING it. what would you buy from the list above?
living room redo
as you may have read in past posts, i’ve been slowly gathering inspiration, along with a hefty shopping list, for my living room redo. living in a new york apartment means making the most of a small space, and given that i’m partial to hosting large groups of friends for dinner and holiday parties, i’m always looking for ways to optimize what i’ve got. about a year ago, i traded my ugly beige ikea sofa bed (which, when i purchased it four years ago, was “cool” and “modern” – at least in my mind) for a gorgeous country-style white sleeper sofa from pottery barn. purchased off craigslist, i got a steal on a $2000 sofa (with double bed!), paying just $500 for both the sofa and the “man with a van” movers. ps: new yorkers – if you’re looking to pick up furniture off craigslist, get in touch. my moving guy is ghetto fabulous, but he does a great job, and he’s never left me stranded.
earlier this year, i splurged on robert allen velvet geometric pillow covers for said couch, as well as a fluffy mongolian lambswool stunner (from pier 1, of all places!). i’m hoping to add one or two of the pillows below into the mix. my heart’s set on that leopard, and since it’s on etsy, it’s a relatively reasonable dream. that mirrored john robshaw (be still my heart!) is a pretty penny, so that baby will have to wait.  i’ve set aside (saved up) about $600 to complete my living room makeover, and next week (payday, baby!), i’m going to take the plunge and order a bunch of the bigger items below. on the docket: 4 ice/clear chiavari chairs (i have been crushing on these for YEARS. YEARS, people. this is a big moment for me), a sunburst mirror (i think i’ve decided on the one below), and two of those darling mirrored side tables (from target, and just $99/piece. come to mama!). i might also begin to order some art for my gallery wall (a small sampling is below).
to say i am excited to see my redo come together is an understatement. i was having trouble envisioning how it would all fit, hence the moodboard below. but now that i see it in action, i’m so excited to hit “purchase” on my macbook and get this thing started. i’ll continue to update as i go. wish me luck!
as i’ve mentioned on this here blog in the past, i’m in the process of slowly redoing my living room/dining area. now, lest you think i’m talking about a huge, open space with seating for ten and an oversized couch and cozy leather chair, i’d like to remind you that i live in new york city, where space comes at a premium, and you’re likely to have to sell your soul for lots of closet space. my living/dining area isn’t tiny, by new york standards, but it’s not palatial either. as i look to redesign my space, the number one thing on my list is a big mirror to hang over my eating area. i’ve had my heart set on a sunburst mirror for a few years now, and i think i’m finally ready to take the plunge. i’ve been saving up my dolla dolla bills to purchase a few of the things on my list for the space, and i think a mirror might be first. for those who don’t watch HGTV as much as i do, rule number one to making a small space feel light and airy is to add mirrors. mirrors reflect light (duh), so they’re a great option for new york city living (where things are often relatively dark and not exactly enormous). i’ve got a few favorites in the group below, but i’d love to know: which one do you like best? help me pick! starburst mirrors