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spring flats
i am so ready for spring shoes, you guys. so, so ready. i love my trusty frye boots, but i’m really feeling some bright spring flats and multiple pairs of oxfords. above, you’ll find some fancy footwear (anyone get the chromeo reference?)  i’m planning on adding to my wardrobe. i’m especially feeling the offerings from GAP (of all places!) this season. the fact that their flats ring in around $50 is especially tempting – though i’ve got my heart set on a pair of madewell’s leopard sidewalk skimmers (currently hovering around $88). come on, spring!
target threshold
target has seriously been stepping up their game in the interior design department, and i am S-O-L-D sold. on all the items above. seriously, my online shopping cart (there’s no target in manhattan, sadly) is overflowing with a bevy of goodies (including many of the ones seen above) that i can’t wait to incorporate into my home. in particular, i’m smitten with those gold wire side tables (and at just $50, they’re a STEAL – snagging two for my living room asap) and the brass animals (hello, side table styling). plus that seafoam blown glass teardrop lamp and the funky pillows. target, you are KILLING it. what would you buy from the list above?
i know i’m not alone in feeling more than ready for winter to get its chilly ass outta these parts and for spring to come on in and make itself at home. i love the cold, but i’m sick of my winter coat and my dry skin. i want sunshine and outdoor seating and light that lasts till 8pm and I WANT IT NOW. lest i get too overzealous with my aggravation over mother nature’s decision to totally ignore punxsatawney phil’s prediction on groundhog day, i’ve decided to channel my efforts toward ushering in the season the only way i know how: by pretending it’s spring already.
last week, this included brightly colored fingernails (essie’s mint candy apple), an abundance of fresh flowers (ranunculus and flowering branches, along with tulips for good measure), as well as some springy makeup. i’m FEELING the dewy look above (though let’s be honest, i’m always feeling dewy skin. who wants dry, matte skin? no one, i hope), and have been attempting to create it with my current highlighter of choice: nars the multiple in luxor. i’m a huge fan of highlighting creams, powders, sticks – you name it, i’ve tried it. i’m a big fan of benefit’s high beam, but i find that nars multiple sticks last longer. in winter, i go for luxor, and once i’ve got a hint of a tan, i switch it out for a slightly darker shade, copacabana. these babies are expensive, but soo worth it. so, mother nature, what do you think? can we strike a deal here?

Siriano Payless Shoesyou may have noticed that i’ve got a thing for sparkles, shimmer, and anything and everything metallic. so it’s no surprise that i’m positively smitten with this perfect spring shoe, from (wait for it), payless (of all places)! it’s part of christian siriano’s line for the retailer, and these exact shoes walked down the spring runways in new york city. that’s right folks, models wore these shoes. well, not these exact shoes. you know what i mean. anywho, these babies are a mere $44, so scoop ’em up before they’re gone! here’s how i’d wear them.



spring shoes

DIY Tom Binns
tom-binns-necklacethis tom binns necklace on bradley agather’s blog, luella & june, and was so taken with it that i looked it up immediately. much to my dismay, mr binns is decidedly OUT of my budget. happily, though, i realized i had a few forever21 necklaces that, when layered together, might just be passable for a binns necklace like bradley’s. layer the pieces above, et voila – a DIY binns worthy of a night out on the town!
living room redo
as you may have read in past posts, i’ve been slowly gathering inspiration, along with a hefty shopping list, for my living room redo. living in a new york apartment means making the most of a small space, and given that i’m partial to hosting large groups of friends for dinner and holiday parties, i’m always looking for ways to optimize what i’ve got. about a year ago, i traded my ugly beige ikea sofa bed (which, when i purchased it four years ago, was “cool” and “modern” – at least in my mind) for a gorgeous country-style white sleeper sofa from pottery barn. purchased off craigslist, i got a steal on a $2000 sofa (with double bed!), paying just $500 for both the sofa and the “man with a van” movers. ps: new yorkers – if you’re looking to pick up furniture off craigslist, get in touch. my moving guy is ghetto fabulous, but he does a great job, and he’s never left me stranded.
earlier this year, i splurged on robert allen velvet geometric pillow covers for said couch, as well as a fluffy mongolian lambswool stunner (from pier 1, of all places!). i’m hoping to add one or two of the pillows below into the mix. my heart’s set on that leopard, and since it’s on etsy, it’s a relatively reasonable dream. that mirrored john robshaw (be still my heart!) is a pretty penny, so that baby will have to wait.  i’ve set aside (saved up) about $600 to complete my living room makeover, and next week (payday, baby!), i’m going to take the plunge and order a bunch of the bigger items below. on the docket: 4 ice/clear chiavari chairs (i have been crushing on these for YEARS. YEARS, people. this is a big moment for me), a sunburst mirror (i think i’ve decided on the one below), and two of those darling mirrored side tables (from target, and just $99/piece. come to mama!). i might also begin to order some art for my gallery wall (a small sampling is below).
to say i am excited to see my redo come together is an understatement. i was having trouble envisioning how it would all fit, hence the moodboard below. but now that i see it in action, i’m so excited to hit “purchase” on my macbook and get this thing started. i’ll continue to update as i go. wish me luck!
as i’ve mentioned on this here blog in the past, i’m in the process of slowly redoing my living room/dining area. now, lest you think i’m talking about a huge, open space with seating for ten and an oversized couch and cozy leather chair, i’d like to remind you that i live in new york city, where space comes at a premium, and you’re likely to have to sell your soul for lots of closet space. my living/dining area isn’t tiny, by new york standards, but it’s not palatial either. as i look to redesign my space, the number one thing on my list is a big mirror to hang over my eating area. i’ve had my heart set on a sunburst mirror for a few years now, and i think i’m finally ready to take the plunge. i’ve been saving up my dolla dolla bills to purchase a few of the things on my list for the space, and i think a mirror might be first. for those who don’t watch HGTV as much as i do, rule number one to making a small space feel light and airy is to add mirrors. mirrors reflect light (duh), so they’re a great option for new york city living (where things are often relatively dark and not exactly enormous). i’ve got a few favorites in the group below, but i’d love to know: which one do you like best? help me pick! starburst mirrors
spring is in the air today here in new york. the early morning was cold and rainy, but by the time 9am rolled around, the sun was peeking through the clouds and the air was heating up. today’s high is 50 – a springtime temperature, to be sure. the thakoon dress on the top left is on the top of my list for spring dresses. that floaty chiffon and slightly bohemian cut is calling my name. now, if only it weren’t $490. please go on sale, dress! thakoon was clearly feeling peachy keen for spring – shop a few other key picks from his spring collection below. that sweater…dying.
peachy keen