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chinese food is one of those cuisines that i never dared to attempt at home. living in new york city, where you can get literally anything you’d like (food, drugs, sex, drinks, deliveries) at any hour of the day, it always seemed easier to just pick up the phone and call j.east (my local chinese delivery resto) than to make chinese food myself. that is, until i tried this recipe for orange sesame chicken. holy amazing party in my mouth. YOU GUYS, i made CHINESE FOOD. FROM SCRATCH. AND IT LOOKS JUST LIKE THE REAL THING. i even have photographic evidence! seriously, though, this recipe is DELICIOUS and so easy to make. sure, it takes a little time - but basically, you chop up some chicken breasts, dip them in batter, fry those babies up, and then coat them in sauce. 

the aforementioned sauce isn’t at all difficult to make, and contains cabinet must-haves like ketchup and honey, sugar and sesame oil. i swear, this meal is magic. i like to serve it with some freshly steamed broccoli and top it all off with chopped scallions. 

i’ve got two words for you: rainbow cake. no, three: rainbow swirl cake. this badass confection is so much fun to make, but even more fun to make. i made this for a coworker’s birthday, and suffice it to say, she was a happy girl with a happy tummy as soon as we cut this bad boy open. 

rainbow cakes look a lot more intimidating to make than they actually are. there are a myriad of great tutorials out there, so i’ll spare you the details and just link you here. basically, just make yourself some damn good yellow cake*, split the batter into bowls, color each bowl, then drop the different colors into concentric circles in your cake pans.

*my go to cake recipe is smitten kitchen’s “best birthday cake” - you can’t go wrong with this recipe. don’t attempt to taste the batter, because before you know it, you’ll have slurped down half of the bowl. this shit is GOOD.  you’ll need cake flour - i like swan’s down brand. it comes in a red box with yellow cake on the front, so it’s hard to miss. cake flour is finer, so it makes for fluffier, all around better cakes/cupcakes. go for the real thing, you won’t regret it. 

is there a person in the world who doesn’t like froyo? find me that person, will you? because maybe they can convince me not to eat the entire container of deliciousness i whipped up yesterday on a whim.

here’s the thing about vanilla frozen yogurt, and frozen yogurt in general: when i’m eating ice cream out in the world (not making it from scratch), i think froyo is sort of gross. i hate how it slinks out of the machine, looking all processed and chemically-laden. i’m a pinkberry devotee (i know, probably lots of chemicals in that too), so i was eager to try the plain frozen yogurt in my david lebovitz book, the perfect scoop.*

all i needed was a container of plain whole milk yogurt (i opted for greek style from trader joes because i am a cheap jew), sugar, and some vanilla. i mixed them all together, let it chill in the fridge for a bit, then poured it into my ice cream maker. 15 minutes later, i had heaven. delicious, light, slightly tangy heaven. dare you not to eat the whole thing. 

to make:

3 cups plain whole milk yogurt (or you can opt for greek)

1 cup of sugar (use only 3/4 if you use greek yogurt)

1 teaspoon vanilla (optional)

mix all. refrigerate 1 hour. mix in your ice cream maker. eat. 

* if you’re an ice cream fan, order this on amazon. you won’t regret it. recipes are to die for. 

red velvet brownies.

yes, you read that right. want heaven in your mouth? make these.* they are positively the most delectable thing in the universe. just like the famed cupcake, these guys have that perfect hint of chocolate, and are made even better by the addition of FROSTING. 

really, is there anything better in this world than frosting? how many nights did i spend in college eating pillsbury whipped vanilla straight out of the container with an oversized spoon? too many. but i digress - all things are, generally, made better with frosting, and these brownies absolutely, unequivocally, fall into that category. if you’re too lazy to make frosting yourself, a store bought brand will do, but these babies taste best with a batch of homemade vanilla buttercream.

*recipe from how sweet eats