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Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preseti had a moment of pure bliss this morning, walking from my usual coffee shop to my office. the temperatures have gone WAY up here in new york (it must have at least been in the high forties – side note, how depressing that the high forties are considered ‘way up’), so much that i wore a light army jacket that i haven’t worn since the fall. the air was crisp, the sun was peeking through the clouds, i was wearing my favorite sparkly sneakers, i’d gotten up and gone to a killer bar method class (god help my inner thighs), i had a chai in hand, i had a relaxing weekend ahead of me, it was friday…

and despite all the things weighing on my mind, i felt content, and happy, and LUCKY. lucky to be walking down west broadway with some pep in my step, lucky to be feeling the sunshine stealing little kisses here and there, lucky to living in one of the greatest cities in the world, lucky to have a job i like and friends i adore and a workout regime that makes me feel strong and powerful.

i often get caught up in my own head, get bogged down by the little voice telling me i’m not good enough, things aren’t good enough – so i have to really value the moments when i feel like i am enough, and my life is enough. and this morning, i had one of those moments, and it made me feel lucky to be alive.

this weekend, i’ll be tackling my taxes (BLECH), trying a core fusion class, going to dinner, catching up on my DVR, seeing divergent and cleaning out my closet (!!). after working straight through the weekend last week, i can’t wait to just have some early to bed alone time to sit with my thoughts, get some shit done, and hopefully, craft some fun new posts for the blog! (lemon parm pasta recipe, anyone?)

here’s hoping you have a wonderful weekend, and that you have your own little moment of bliss.

ps: in case you missed it yesterday, i tried oil pulling. in fact, i pulled again this morning, and i’m pretty sure it eliminated the slight hangover i definitely would have had had i not pulled. 

things that piqued my interest this week:

what l’wren scott’s suicide teaches us about new york’s ‘consume consume consume’ philosophy. an interesting, and honestly, quite depressing read. i know that i myself have become much more of a consumer since living in new york, and sometimes, i feel quite guilty about it. i’m sure i could be happy with less things, and have been pondering what i could get rid of (and what i’d like to keep simply because it makes me happy).

taming the voice in your head. i’m not usually one for self help books, but the voice in my head is usually screaming at full volume, and it would do me well to turn her down a bit. added to my amazon cart.

microsoft office for ipad! now that this is a real thing, i need to get my booty into gear and invest in a little portable keyboard for my ipad. any reccos? ideally, i’d like to travel solely with my ipad and not have to lug my computer along with me. though, at 4 years old now, i’ve been thinking it might be time to start saving for an upgrade to my beloved macbook pro.

on living lighter and letting go. this quote really resonated with me this week. i’ve been working on trying to shrug off the things i need not/don’t want to carry. easier said than done, of course, but i suppose practice makes perfect.

DIY rose body scrub. YUM, and so springy. i can’t wait to make this. i’ve DIYed a lot of body scrubs over the years, but i tend toward lemon or citrus-y scents. i’ve never dabbled in rose.

38 essential NYC restaurants. i’ve only been to 2 on this list. clearly, i’ve got some eating to do.

c6120d988442a300b66f9321d79b23e0oh goodness, friday, i am so glad you are here. is it just me, or was this the longest week ever? i feel like i’ve been living my life in double time lately, and i don’t think things are going to slow down until we hit the holidays. my weeks have been such a whirlwind that i’ve been laying low on the weekends. it seems like the only way to preserve my sanity. tonight, i’m going to treat myself to a mani/pedi after work, then take my freshly painted toesies to trader joe’s, where i’ll pick up the fixings for the mini dinner party i’m hosting tomorrow night. i’m planning on making an old classic from the silver palate (hello, 80s!) cookbook, chicken marbella. something about prunes, capers and brown sugar all cooked up with chicken just screams cozy to me. i’m pairing it with a big arugula salad with shaved parmesan and balsamic, wild brown rice, and peanut butter white chocolate chip cookies. oh, and a cheese plate to start (inspired by this recent post on domaine). there’s really nothing i love more than a long, lazy dinner (okay, maybe not lazy, i have trouble keeping my OCD in check and not clearing plates before people are ready) with friends, multiple bottles of wine, and lots of yummy fall candles lit around us. saturday night perfection, in my book.

besides that, i’m taking a level 2 bar method class with one of my favorite teachers, robyn, who recently left new york for california. she’s back for the weekend, and is teaching a reunion class of sorts. i’m going to be so sore, but i can’t wait to see her. after that, i’m headed to get my hair done uptown, then back home to put the chicken in the oven. sunday will be brunch at the smith, then errands in the east village. a perfect relaxing weekend to prep me for the week ahead (which involves my very first business trip to raleigh, of all places, for a video shoot!).

what do you have planned for the weekend?