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this week’s wishlist is a bit all over the place. there’s a comfy tie dye t-shirt dress that’s perfect for spring (and would look great with a leather moto jacket), a pair of d’orsay flats from madewell that give the look of jenni kayne without the price tag, a marble pastry board that will pretty up my food posts (the fugly granite in my kitchen does me no favors), a pair of sparkly supergas that ring in at just $70 buckaroos, and the cutest filing cabinet i’ve ever seen.

i’m still trying to figure out if i can pull off reflective sunglasses, and i’m pretty sure that bb dakota dress above isn’t exactly suited for my body type, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

also on the list: adorable earrings, and a cult favorite hand cream. i’ve yet to make it to the aesop store in soho, but now that i’m working in the neighborhood, i think a trip there is in order. my crackly gross hands (that, no joke, were so bad that my manicurist scolded me. scolded me!) could benefit from some loving now that winter seems to have finally released us from her grasp.

in other happy news, tomorrow is friday, i have the day off (!!!) thanks to a “comp day” my wonderful boss gave me in exchange for working through the weekend a few weeks ago, and i’m getting my hair cut (shorter, please!). hip hip hooray for the weekend!


have i told you guys that my feet (well, really just my left one) are falling apart? they are. i broke my sesamoid (a teeny, tiny little bone in the bottom of your foot bed) earlier this year, and spent 6 weeks in a hideous grandma-style orthopedic shoe/boot/sandal hybrid that pretty much resembled the tevas i used to wear at camp…on crack. and my foot got a little bit better, but not much. i then dropped $500 on custom orthotics (ouch, credit card bill), only to find that they didn’t make much of a difference, and they only fit in my sneakers. which would be fine, except that i hate sneakers. see, i’m about as un-athletic as they come, despite my love for bar method and recent affinity for soul cycle. i legitimately did not own real sneakers (besides rainbow sequin converse…) until i hurt my foot. and then i went out and bought a neon pair of nikes. and while i like them, i guess (they’re okay, for sneakers), i don’t love them. i don’t want to wear them. i don’t enjoy looking at them in my closet, nor on my feet.

but you know what i would enjoy looking at on my feet? these babies by new balance. they’re from the retailer’s collaboration with heidi klum (random), and are pretty much as cool as i think sneakers could get in my book. black, gold and coral? SIGN ME UP. and for less than $90 buckaroos, these have “birthday gift to myself” written all over them.