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today, spring finally came out to play in new york city. and just like that, the streets were full of people. teenagers jostled each other, playfully linking arms on the 6 train. spring street was full of tourists stopping for photos in front of balthazar. couples roamed the union square flea market. fresh flowers are out in every bodega on every corner. i purchased a giant bunch of oriental lilies for a mere $20.

spring always makes me yearn for new music – and i crave fun, poppy beats with a hint of electronica. you know, the kind of music you want to listen to with your windows down. the kind you want to blast on the beach while you sip a lemonade and vodka. we’re almost there, folks. i have a feeling april is going to be a good month.

and in that spirit, here’s what i’m currently listening to on repeat.

ps: lest most of this music make me seem even slightly cool, there’s the demi lovato track i know every single word and riff to in there too for good measure. don’t diss the demi, folks. this shit is a JAM. go ahead, try and listen to it WITHOUT bobbing your head. it can’t be done.

pps: like everyone else, i am still listening to the entire lumineers album on repeat. especially ho hey. so sue me!

i am by no means a music snob, nor one of those cool kids who’s got her finger on the pulse of brand new sounds. but i do love music, because i grew up playing piano and singing, and i harbor secret dreams of being a combination of sara bareilles and fiona apple. 

i’m partial to folk music, guy with a guitar acoustic tracks, and pure, unadulterated pop. here’s what i’m listening to this month.

classy girls – the lumineers

burning bridges – ben taylor

some nights – fun.

queen of the city – joshua james

when the right one comes along – nashville cast

hiroshima – ben folds

all too well – taylor swift

locked out of heaven – bruno mars

dirty paws – of monsters and men

you don’t know me – ben folds and regina spektor

if i didn’t know better – claire bowen and sam palladino

ho hey – the lumineers

you and i – ingrid michaelson

gorilla – bruno mars

a face to call home – john mayer

heart of gold – neil young

anything could happen – ellie goulding

no way down – the shins

cups – anna kendrick

give me love – ed sheeran

holy ground – taylor swift