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what i want this week shopping list


end of the season shopping, also known as SALE TIME, is my favorite kind of shopping. maybe this is my inner cheapskate coming out, but there’s really nothing like scoring a piece you’ve had your eye on for months at 60% off. the thrill of the hunt, i guess. men have hunting and gathering, we have shopping.

that might be the most superficial statement i’ve ever written. please forgive me.

this week’s shopping list is brought to you by three things: pieces i can bring to mexico, pieces i want in my apartment, and pieces to carry all the little pieces of my life (helllooo, tote bags). seriously, though, santa baby, can you shimmy that bar cart down the chimney to me? i’m sure hanukkah harry would be happy to help. i’ll leave you both some cookies, and some gelt for harry.

happy shopping, and happy august! holy moly, this summer is FLYING by.



is it just me, or has this been the LONGEST week ever? i don’t know what it is about coming back to work after a vacation (apparently, even 2 days out of the city sours me on it), but on tuesday, i already wanted it to be friday. and now that it’s thursday, well, let’s just say i realllly want it to be friday. thankfully, my new job offers summer fridays, otherwise known as the world’s greatest summer invention. i’m pretty summer fridays are unique to new yorkers, offering a chance for the rich folk to get a head start on the trek out to their hamptons home each weekend. i don’t have a hamptons home and likely never will, but you can bet i still love getting out at 1pm every friday. though actually, i’ve had so much work to do that i’ve been leaving closer to 4pm. but STILL, there is a difference between leaving at 4 and leaving at 7 or 8, and that difference smells like sunshine and feels like heaven.

since this week has been a rather stressful one, i’ve been doing a whole lot of imaginary online shopping (and i may or may not have actually ordered that bobbi brown beach body oil, because, well, sometimes a girl needs body oil). you  might notice i switched up the font a bit for this week’s shopping list. how do we like the script? it’s kind of pretty, right? feels a bit more summery, i think.

i’ve got a biiig crush on these smokin’ hot kate spade studs – how cute are they?! – and also on these ear cuffs from baublebar. and let’s talk about that mara hoffman jumpsuit, which is only as good as the somewhat-matching mara hoffman beach towel (from madewell, oddly). mara always does the coolest prints, and these two pieces are no exception.

happy shopping, folks! ps: just 2 days ’til it’s officially summer.



this week in things on my wishlist: a flowy, asymmetrical dress that’s perfect for summer nights, the cutest little iphone case i ever did see, and a leopard print desktop organizer. i’m also super coveting those loeffler randall espadrilles, which are on sale for under $150 (a good deal for LR). i keep seeing them on other people’s feet and feeling this insane jealous urge to make them MINE. not weird at all, i swear. but then i tell myself i could get soludos for 1/4 of the price, and i hold off on ordering. thoughts?  if only a magical fairy would just deposit them on my feet like glass slippers. hey, a girl can dream!



i have a confession to make: i started this WIWTW board while i was on vacation in california two weeks ago. and just finished it last night. whoopsies. i’ve been feeling a tiny bit uninspired. thankfully, only like 5 of you actually read this thing, so it’s not like anyone missed me. inspiration, if you’re reading this, please come back now okay? i miss you.

this week’s wishlist includes a chic striped tote perfect for long summer beach days, an adorable blanket that could also be used as a beach blanket (and rolled up into that striped tote), the perfect lilac nail color, coffee grind body scrub that promises to rid you of cellulite (SAY WHAT?!), and THE sweatshirt for cat ladies. there are a few other fun items thrown in as well. happy shopping!



we might be back to cold air here in new york, but i’ve got spring on the brain, and in particular, floaty dresses like the red and white michelle mason number above. there’s something about pairing an easy, slinky silk dress with sandals, adding some simple gold jewelry, and calling it a day. it’s dressing at its most simple. while i tend to despise summer humidity, and in general, don’t like summer clothing as much as i adore winter layers, i do love myself a good maxi skirt/dress situation. i’ve got my eye on this one, as well as this one (both from anthro). spring and summer are also about more natural hair, so i’m going to be splurging on a tiny little bottle of hairdresser’s invisible oil, which the beauty goddesses swear eliminates frizz and flyaways while hydrating the hair. SOLD.

also on my wishlist: a gorgeous mercury glass lamp that’s way out of my budget (i’ll be hunting for a properly priced twin at homegoods/tjmaxx, wish me luck!), glitter chargers (!!!!), cute little senegalese storage baskets from serena and lily, an easy t-shirt dress that i’m pretty sure i’ll wear every day of the week from the moment it arrives on my doorstep, plus a few other fun bits and baubles.


equipment silk polka dot pajamas | heart printed matchbox | love potion | vintage brass cats | striped hammam towels | brass lamp | gold-leafed bar cart | agate door handles | leopard slip-on sneaker | bow sweatshirt |

lately, when i get home, all i want to do is rip off my work clothes (okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. rip makes the act sound way sexier than it actually is), throw my hair into a messy bun, take off my makeup, and put on some seriously comfy pjs, stat. which is silly, really, since i wear leggings pretty much every day, and work in a place where ‘business casual’ is so casual that i could pretty much wear ANYTHING and no one would blink an eye. maybe it’s a function of the frigid weather, maybe it’s that when i get home, i want to be in oversized, not-at-all constricting clothing (since leggings are so constricting and all)…or maybe it’s that i found these pjs, from equipment, and i just want to wear them ALL THE TIME. what can i say? i am a comfort first girl.

other finds this week include the most awesome door handles of ALL TIME IN AGATE (YES, AGATE. i die. these with a mid-century console would be insane), the cutest matches ever (file these under “things i absolutely do not need”), adorable little brass cats i’m eyeing (you can never have enough tchotchkes), and my number one “must have” shoe for spring: leopard slip-on sneaks.

brass cats…come to mama.

happy thursday!


catbird hortense necklace | clare vivier’s love shop | black fringed booties gold athena feather tray | tibi crystal mule | shopbop BFF rings | leather contrast cardigan | gold iPhone case | magenta pouf | new balance sneakers |

one time, while complaining about watching sports at a friends’ place, i made the mistake of stating that i didn’t quite understand fantasy football, and how into it my guy friends got. i couldn’t fathom how these smart, interesting, have-better-things-to-do-if-you-ask-me gentlemen were willing to waste HOURS of time (and a good deal of money, if they lost) on a fake football game that, while pulling in strings from the outside world, existed solely on the internet.

and you know what my friend scott said? he said fantasty football was to guys what online shopping and things like pinterest were to girls. “you get joy out of putting items into an online shopping cart, don’t you?” “yes, of course!” “but you don’t often buy things, do you?” “not often, no.” “and yet you still do it.” “yes, it’s fun!” “so is fantasy football.” 

as in, it doesn’t matter that the games aren’t real games, just like it doesn’t matter to me that sometimes my online shopping isn’t real shopping. putting the items (or players) together is the fun – the rest is somewhat irrelevant.

as you can imagine, ever since then, i’ve kept my mouth shut during fantasy season.

and of course, i still continue to online faux-shop my heart out. which is where this new series, what i want this weekcomes from. like the name says, it’s a list of things i’ve got my eye on come payday. of course, as i told scott, i won’t be buying all of these things. no girl can buy all of the things. a) it’s materialistic and b) payday isn’t THAT big of a day. and who really needs all of the things? no one, that’s who. but in the meantime, i can pin my little heart out {follow my what i want this week board on pinterest here}, and keep my eyes peeled for those extra special items that just need to find their way into my home/heart.